Good Lord, Dolly Parton suicide bombers!

Alu akbar, baby

Whacky Paki plastic surgeons adding bombs to suicide girls’ breast implants.


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5 responses to “Good Lord, Dolly Parton suicide bombers!

  1. Old School Grump

    CF, between this photo and the one of alligator with the arm a few hours back, I have to wonder about the photo sources you peruse!

    Readers, if you can tear your eyes away from the Bosoms of Death, note how skinny her arm is — I mean, freakishly skinny.

    • christopherfountain

      Google images. Think, “crocodile attack” get picture. “Dolly Parton” gets you – well,Dolly Parton. Her arms may be thin but she’s an incredible singer, a very funny lady and a smart one too. I’d jump in front of a crocodile for her.

  2. g w chase

    Is that what they call a dynamite set?

  3. Dido

    I wish those were with my slave girls that’d realy be an explosive tryst!

  4. Dr. James Smith

    A local but now dead plastic surgeon in Greenwich who practiced only in NYC on the East Side and co-authored a famous textbook on plastic surgery was responsible for some of Dolly’s breast “enhancement”.