Lear Jet Liberals

Professor Althouse disses Yale:

“Yale University announced on Wednesday that it planned a number of steps to close a remaining $150 million budget gap, including cutting staff, freezing salaries for deans and officers, reducing the number of graduate students — even turning down all thermostats to 68 degrees.”

Even turning down all thermostats to 68 degrees? Even?!

Sorry about your budget gap, but why the hell did you have winter thermostat settings above 68°? Even — even — if you have money to burn, you should want to keep temperatures at least that low for health and comfort. And I do not believe that the people who run Yale think that there’s such a thing as anthropogenic global warming worth worrying a damn about. In fact, if you actually thought cutting carbon emissions was important, your thermostats would already be at 62° or lower. If you thought AGW is an emergency — of the sort Al Gore warns us about —you’d set the thermostat at 52° or lower.

Good lord, you’re firing people from their jobs! Why are you still roasting the place to 68°?!


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2 responses to “Lear Jet Liberals

  1. Boola boola

    The blogger, Ann Althouse, is Wisconsin based.

    The federal standard for winter temps is 72 degrees.

    Watch this:

  2. Anonymous

    Colleges are a scam
    Too many overpaid admin workers w/lavish pensions
    Too many worthless depts like Ebonics, Transgender Studies, etc
    Too many grads lacking relevant job skills who mysteriously can’t find a paying job (outside of the government) upon finishing their $250K, 4 yr lib arts degree/union card