Millions for a snippet of a tune?

Write this down, would you?

Aussie judge rules that Men at Work lifted tune of “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree” for their own hit. Well yes, of course they did – I recognized the theme when the song came out in the 80’s, but so what? “Down Under” was as far removed from “Kookaburra” as I was from fourth grade music class when we first sang about that dumb bird. That’s how music grows – the band incorporated a song universally recognized as Australian and made up their own. I know nothing about Australian copyright law, but this is a crazy ruling from a perspective of common sense.


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6 responses to “Millions for a snippet of a tune?

  1. '73Refugee

    and “My Sweet Lord” = “He’s So Fine”, in the eyes of the court.

  2. Old Coot

    I’ve got an old bottle of Vegemite around here somewhere if anyone wants a taste.

  3. Fedup

    Isn’t this song at least 20 years old? What took the Aussie judge so long to make the connection? and so what?

    • christopherfountain

      The song was written in the 1930s and its composer is long dead. Some company now owns the copyright and for some reason, just got around to suing. Go figure.

  4. Martha

    Funny, I’ve had that Kookaburra song in my head for days since my son dug out an old musical lullaby book!

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