No open houses of note

This is getting curious; the spring market should be upon us, yet there’s nothing coming on. Which indicates that sellers are not desperate and won’t sell in a down market, so so much for my theory of impending foreclosures, eh?

Whatever the reason, I’m saving on gas these days. I did travel up north to see why a house that sold new for $4 million in 2000 was now asking $8. The answer eluded me because, other than being ten years older, I saw no improvement. Another listing to forget about and revisit in a year or two. Other than that, nothing.


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4 responses to “No open houses of note

  1. Stanwich

    Do you know what is going on at the property on Brookridge/Stanwich. It was the second house in on the right from Putnam Ave. It was recently demolished. Do we have a crazy developer on the loose or in this an owner’s affair?

  2. foobar

    It seems as if there is a seller’s strike going on. Weird.

    • christopherfountain

      God bless them, Foobar – I’d advised from the start of this collapse that, if you don’t have to sell, don’t. That’s assuming things will stabilize and get better in a few years. Of course, they could get worse, but I’d trust to Greenwich at least stabilizing, eventually, and hold off selling if I could.
      My own house is not for sale, for instance.

  3. A Fan

    What about Owenoke Way?