Vanderbilt Muslim chaplain: death to gays!

Converting gay teen-agers the Iranian way

Sorry, but it’s in the good book”. Vanderbilt says it’s all about dialogue. “The university is dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. It is the belief of the university community that free discussion of ideas can lead to resolution and reconciliation.”

I suggest that some “dialogues” aren’t worth having. And how’s this fellow feel about the presence of girls on campus? Chop off their heads, eh? “Can we talk?”

Do you remember the national outrage unleashed by our press on Bob Jone’s University’s ban on inter-racial dating? We’ll see nothing like that here, because well, it’s just those crazy wog muslims, isn’t it?

There’s a problem with the bigotry of soft expectations. It’s fine when applied to the darkies, who are expected to become wards of the Democrats. So an 80% illegitimate birth rate, a 70% high school drop out rate, most of the males in prison, all okay – what racist Democrat could demand or want more? But the muslims are a different kettle of fish – they are here to kill us – to eradicate our Judeo-Christian ethical system and impose their own, which includes a bloody death by sword to infidels: that would be us.

The trouble with liberals is that they don’t believe what the muslims say: “If they come to know us, they’ll love us.” Well no, that’s not what’s happening, and when universities like Vanderbilt tolerate the presence of these hate mongers and enemies of western civilization they just hasten our demise.


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5 responses to “Vanderbilt Muslim chaplain: death to gays!

  1. Anonymous

    Let the moral relativism, cultural equivalence, diversity, and multicultural kooks chase their own tails on that one for a while.

  2. Anonymous

    Imagine the uproar, had the speaker been a Christian chaplain.

  3. Gideon Fountain

    I find your tone very harsh.

  4. Arouet

    I went to Vandy. Lots of old Southern money from Birmingham, Jackson, Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis. Not like North Atlantic Ivy Leagues. Normally, radical campus Muslim pronouncements would have the Bible-thumping good ol’ boys in an uproar—except that this is gay-bashing. So it may not provoke the normal reaction. Will be interesting to see who the power structure hates more: the Muslims or the gays.

  5. Priapus

    Why are libs so tolerant only of other libs? …and head cutting members of the “religion of peace…sic…submission”?