“Huge explosion” at Connecticut power plant

Some plant under construction in Middletown on the banks of the Connecticut River blew up just now.

UPDATE Here: Several dead, many injured, plant leveled. Sounds like natural gas, not anything more sinister.

UPDATE: Check the comment, from a FWIW reader and new friend of mine – he was supposed to be working there this morning but was called out of state on family matters. Delighted for him, sad for the dead and injured obviously, but in these post 9/11 days, a normal “accident” comes as a relief. Obviously, that’s not meant to dishonor today’s dead.


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8 responses to ““Huge explosion” at Connecticut power plant

  1. FWIW on-site correspondent

    Start-up test for the gas-fired turbine today lead to severe vibration and premature shut-down, leaving residual unburned gases.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Quick, let’s get those nuke plants up and running, because, you know, they’re so much safer and cleaner and not subject to human error and no one would ever dream of targeting them for attack.

    Sarcasm off.

  3. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    I’ll bet half the PI lawyers in Connecticut and Washington are messing themselves right about now.

    • christopherfountain

      Having once visited a “friend” in the hospital after some jackass slammed into her and crushed her legs, I will confess to a huge relief that I’m no longer a trial lawyer. It’s a soul killer.

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Don’t get me wrong, C, I’m not totally against lawyers. And despite my comment above, I trust the “ambulance chasers” more than any hourly attorney. Because the so-called ambulance chasers don’t usually take a case unless they think they have a pretty good chance of winning or settling, and they fund the legal action on the if-come. So they’re usually willing to put their money where their mouths are, rather than keep churning trouble by the hour. I learned this the hard way. On the billable hours system, there’s no incentive to bring a case to a close, especially if opposing counsel is a buddy. I take that back. The only incentive to bring a case to a close is when you’ve drained your client’s bank account.

    • christopherfountain

      A lawyer can, as the Godfather said, steal more with a brief case than 100 men with guns. On the other hand, he or she can bring about a just result that no one else can. I toy with the idea of returning to the fray with the intention of bringing about the second, not the first result. Maybe.

  5. Jack Martin

    Very sad for the families of the dead.

  6. This was a really scary event. Houses 15 miles away shook because of the blast. Not to sound insensitive but thankfully, considering the magnitude of the blast, only a few died.

    I never thought of lawyers but now that I read the comments, I bet they’re really up on their sleeves right now. This smells money 🙂