A Prince of Pork is dead

See ya, fella

John Murtha dead at 77. Except for people like those two Chesire rapist/murderers, I wish no one ill, even politicians I disagree with, so I’d have preferred to see this man quit, like Dodd or better yet, be defeated for reelection. But as a taxpayer, I can’t say I’ll miss him.

UPDATE: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed-man is king. Five-foot-two Dennis Kucinich calls Murtha a “Congressional giant”. Murtha betrayed his fellow Marines by calling them murderers, raped the country while enriching himself by awarding military contracts to his brother’s clients, built an airport for no one in his home district and would have soon been indicted for corruption had he not dropped off the planet and headed for lower regions today. He was Nancy Pelosi’s most trusted advisor according to Politico, and that says all one needs to know about him and Nancy Pelosi.


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7 responses to “A Prince of Pork is dead

  1. Anon E. Moose

    Confluence of events – among them a likely defeat in Nov. and this year’s temporary expiration of the death tax — which will not be reinstated until after this year’s election, by which time (9 months post-mortem, IIRC) the decedant’s estate tax return will have been due and filed, there being no tax owing, the heirs could safely abscond with the proceeds — make it quite advantageous for one to ‘die’ soon.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    OK, what am I missing here? I just read the story at the link, no mention of Dennis K. Pelosi said “Jack Murtha was a giant. All who served with him were honored to call him colleague. I was privileged to call him friend.”

    “A Congressional giant” is not necessarily a compliment anyway. In fact, it’s sort of a great catch-all phrase. Could mean a lot of things.

    Although I did like Darryl Hammond’s send-up of Murtha on the stump with Biden. Hilarious.

  3. christopherfountain

    It’s in the second link (“UPDATE”) to Politico, Ex-Pat.

  4. Jerry S.

    Murtha may well have become a corrupt pork specialist, but it isn’t reasonable to say that he “betrayed his fellow marines by calling them murderers,” unless he called ALL marines murderers. If he merely pointed out that SOME marines committed murders behind the veil of flag and country, he did our nation a service.

    • christopherfountain

      No Jerry, because he Marines he called murderers were all later acquitted. He condemned them with no evidence except garbled news reports. I never served in the military but if I had, I would expect the politicians who sent me into harm’s way, especially former Marines, to stand by me – he did not. Let alone his aid and comfort to the enemy by declaring Iraq a lost war while our troops were fighting there. No, a despicable creature of politics who abandoned his principles in order to appeal to left wing contributors. And a crook, to boot.

  5. Arouet

    Do we feel the same about the GOP and Max Kleland?

  6. mrs p

    Little known fact. Murtha’s opponent in the last election was William “Bill” Trower who, as a member of the military, worked for Brigadier General Peter Chiarelli in 2001 at the Pentagon.

    Chiarelli was the Coalition Commander in Iraq who ordered the Haditha investigation.

    Trower, a resident of Virginia, supposedly established residence in Johnstown PA, after he decided to take on Murtha.

    The right wing blogosphere, Michele Malkin in particular, tried to push Trower as a legit war hero but he was such a bad candidate, his campaign never went anywhere.

    There was also a question of whether Trower had campaigned as an active member of the military.

    Who was really behind Trower’s campaign remains a mystery.