Super Bowl ads

The favorite at my house was Google’s. (The Audi eco-police ad just about equal). We also decided that the right team won, although most of us (well Pal Nancy and I) were still hoping to see the Minnesota Vikings make a last minute appearance in the game. Gotta support Greenwich’s John Sullivan, don’t you know.


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6 responses to “Super Bowl ads

  1. A.O.

    We melted at the Google ad. Sheer perfection. Second place for our house was the FloTV series, especially the one when the young husband was following around the wife while she was shopping. Oh, yes, the Audi ad was good too. All other campaigns were over-thought, contrived.

  2. XYount

    A-men, Saints.

  3. ld

    Audi commercial good??

    This sums up my reaction:

  4. A.O.

    Good point, ld, but pulling over the Bridgeport cop for using a styrofoam cup was darn funny – relevant to car sales or not.

  5. sullivan?

    why the reference to this guy? isn’t he the spouse of bourke’s former wife the ford heir?