Greenwich’s new budget

Unveiled by Peter Tesei yesterday. Whatever you think of individual allocations, I will tell you that, from a real estate agent’s perspective, the fiscally conservative philosophy of this town’s government is a huge selling point to buyers from “away”. At least, and probably more important than Tod’s Point and our schools. So keep it up.


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8 responses to “Greenwich’s new budget

  1. AJ

    Peter Tesei continues to do a good job in these tough economic times.

  2. cos cobber

    Peter is doing a fine job. Hopefully they can start managing these large construction projects with a bit more value engineering however. I admit, I am not familiar with all the facts on the fire station, but it seems to me that we can wait a few more years to rebuild it. In the meantime I would have moved the high school auditorium ahead of the station. The auditorium seems to have a ridiculous budget that also needs value engineering which shouldn’t result in a reduced seating capacity. In any event, I’m glad we are not going to proceed with both projects simultaneously. Slow and steady is best. Learn to make due with less.

  3. A.O.

    If I had a nickel for every town that built a mega-new fire house or police station during the peak $ years, I could retire. Talk about not making due with less. I’m embarrassed when I drive by some of these monuments to greed. I’m not picking on any town specifically, but just drive around greater Fairfield or Westchester and count how many stone facaded five story fire houses there are. We all want our fire and police to have the best, but do they need Peacock kitchens too? Alot of this goes back to “what the market will bear” and in the boom times, many didn’t care that their property taxes went through the roof. It was the price they were happy to pay to be in Greenwich. Now that most of us have far less disposable income, we look at the bottom line more and appreciate a leader who is fiscally responsible and looks at all the options before determining the best path.

  4. Resident

    How about the SAC, ESL, PTJ performing arts center at GHS? That’s the kind of thing people like the Rockefellers did.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t want to use too broad a brush here, but “people like the Rockefellers” seem in short supply these days.

  5. Stanwich

    There is a reason people remember the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Astors, etc. and it wasn’t because of their ruthless business tactics. One would think the a monument to oneself in the form of a donated building would be a no-brainer for greed-mongers like ESL or SAC. Sorry guys, flipping a few bucks to the Robin Hood foundation just doesn’t cut it, not when you’re making hundreds of millions per year.

    • christopherfountain

      Well to be honest, I respect those people for both reasons – they built our country with their businesses and enriched it with their charity. But I like the combination.

  6. A.O.

    I would disagree with Stan about “people like Rockefeller’s” being in short supply. Take a look at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or Paul Allen who gives a billion+ away a year. Warren’s Buffett’s Foundation gives more money away than likely any line of Rockefeller’s ever did. Or Oprah. I think what’s changed is how/where the $ is given – less to named buildings, more to global causes, like reducing HIV. My wealthiest friends give anonymously, preferring not to broadcast how many zeros are on their check.