I don’t envy Obama

What do you do with this? Iran promises “punch” on February 11th. Really, what would you do as leader of the free world? Bush took Saddam’s boasts seriously and will go down in history as a terrible fool. But given Iran’s track record, do you do nothing, and wait to respond if they make good on their threats? Intervene tomorrow by bombing them back to nowhere? I sure as hell don’t know, which, as I say, is why I’m glad I’m not president.


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5 responses to “I don’t envy Obama

  1. xyzzy

    I am pretty convinced the Iranians are desperate to be attacked by the US or Israel. They need an enemy to prove that all of their paranoid rhetoric is true and regain control of the country.

  2. XYount

    Go to link below, “Byron Wien’s Ten Surprises for 2010,” and follow arrows to #10. Should make you feel a little better.


  3. Anonymous

    How about having the US special forces’ pumping a bullet into the head of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a way that will leave him dead?

  4. Inagua

    “Bush took Saddam’s boasts seriously and will go down in history as a terrible fool.”

    It is pithy yet profound insights like this that make this blog so popular. Our host is a rare combination of good sense and better writing.

    I come several times a day from Montecito, California. Many thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    if some scumbag keeps threatening you or, worse, your children, why should anyone be at all sympathetic when you take the guy out? if it turns out he was bluffing, it’s a problem of his own creation. alternative is to ignore threats until your children are all dead. to me, there’s no question as to the better strategy.