Look out your window (if you’re in Greenwich)

Snow’s coming


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3 responses to “Look out your window (if you’re in Greenwich)

  1. wgch

    We Go Country House

    the only reason to listen to wgch is for school closings and leave town the night before to the real country. Greenwich is a small city.

  2. P

    I’m an avid (check at least once daily) reader of your blog. I live in Vancouver, home of the Olympics. Knowing how much you like snow and how much you dislike global warming hype, I thought you’d be interested to know that in the city of Vancouver and its suburbs we rarely get snow (the primary reason many Canadians like me relocate to this area – it’s the only corner of our vast country without winter snow). In fact, when it does snow, the city more or less shuts down. The outdoor events of the Olympics will largely be held in the mountains directly to the north of the city. These are snow-capped year-’round. So, when you hear some bigwig reporter prattling on about how hot air has left Vancouver with a green winter, know that the bigwig in question is himself full of hot air.