More reader stats

The primitive (but free) version of WordPress I’m using doesn’t allow the use of some of the more sophisticated statistic monitors that break down visitors by state – I’m not being  cheap here, but the modest cost of using the more sophisticated version of WordPress also involves some Internet savvy I’m not comfortable with – my pal Ferdinand Steyer has volunteered to help, so I think I’ll do it shortly. In the meantime, here’s a map of reader distribution just from November, 2009:


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14 responses to “More reader stats

  1. not so anonymous

    I bow in awe

  2. Peg

    I think I see my dot, Chris. Right next to a mountain of snow and a bunch of icicles 🙂

  3. Old School Grump

    CF, please don’t invest a whole lot of effort in this unless there’s something in it for you!

    I was curious mostly because I wondered how many others in my state were readers–a curiosity fueled more by the fact I’m going bonkers from two snow days in a row (in the south, snow is an act of God and snow removal is an act of God) rather than any genuine need to know.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh I know that, Old School, but part of the fun of blogging is seeing who’s reading – stats from the first year, for instance, showed dozens of readers in weird corners of the world and I got quite a kick from knowing that people in, say, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh were clicking in. A few bucks a month to break down that data is a small price to pay for ego-satisfaction.

  4. Cos Cobber

    If we could zoom in CF, I think you’ll find that of the 6,200 in Cos Cob, I’m your last reader.

  5. XYount

    Tierra del Fuego!
    The Yukon!

  6. Sbs

    Santiago, Chile, represent. The big spot down south the Pacific coast. Loved your books

  7. cos cobber

    Oh, I’m sticking around. The cos cob militia has assigned me the task of monitoring defamers.

  8. Old Coot

    I’m in the People’s Republic of Northern California and am grateful that they let your intertube connection past their checkpoints.

  9. Way Up Valley

    Slightly off-topic, was your man Steyer at GE circa 1999-2001?


    Look at that! I have my own red dot!!