New spending bill revealed

The Senate’s out with $80 billion in new spending which they’re calling a “jobs bill”.  It funds more welfare, extended unemployment benefits and otherwise rewards wards of the state, but I don’t see where the jobs part comes in, except for the label. Quel surprise.


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3 responses to “New spending bill revealed

  1. Pete

    The first stimulus bill saved or created about 2 mil. jobs. Why not just spend enough trillions to get back to full employment. Seems logical.

    • christopherfountain

      No one seems able to pin down a single job that was actually created by the first stimulus spending except for James Kowabungee Sampson, hired for $8.12 an hour to sweep the halls of the Barack Obama Tribute Center in Malaysia. And that center was just closed down.

  2. Pete

    I heard they bought a lawn mower.