Off to (two) open houses

Slim pickings, these days. In the meantime, New York Times lovers must – must! – read this post from Meagan McArdle.


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6 responses to “Off to (two) open houses

  1. shoeless

    Follow up to your Super Bowl Google ad review:

  2. XYount

    I’m considering running for Congress, getting elected, having an affair with my intern/callboy/airport toilet honey, tearfully confessing at a packed press conference, retiring after my first term to write a tell-all and, whether it tanks on Amazon/MacMillan or not, live in the lap of luxury the rest of my days with a fat pension and full health benefits.

    Vote for me here: X

  3. A.O.

    How were the open houses? You weren’t gone very long so I have to guess they were mediocre, at best?

  4. A.O.

    OT, but interesting article on NYT website about jailed missionaries in Haiti – how they aren’t getting any help. “I have faith in God,” Ms. Lankford said. “But maybe the U.S. government could help a little more, too.” I get the sense, but I don’t know, that the US Government finds this case a sticky wicket – they help, but then is that getting the guilty off free? They don’t help and those who blindly followed the leader into thinking they were doing right, get left in a hell hole of a Haitian jail? I noted President Clinton refused to comment on this case last week. Odd.

  5. XYount

    Thanks, shoeless. That was way fun.