People are good

Buried in this story about a frozen Washington is this gem:

The storm brought out the best in some. In Alexandria, Va., a family living at the bottom of a hill on an unplowed street needed to get their teenage daughter whose cancer is in remission to an important doctor’s appointment.

Neighbors quickly converged, shoveling the entire street before many had even had cleared their own driveways. Up the street, children tired of playing outside in the snow created craft items and had an impromptu sale to benefit victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

I truly believe that, contrary to the old saw, we don’t have the government we deserve – we’re entitled to better .

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  1. John

    Yes we are entitled to better Goverment. It wasn’t that far back when we actually had it, both at the Municipal level and in Washington. Although I generally dislike speaking ill of the dead, we are better off without another Congressman who boasts of his “power”. This coming November will be very interesting.