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Total views:2,769,823

Busiest day:25,375 — Wednesday, January 14, 2009 (Instalanche – Ed)

Views today:6,218







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8 responses to “Reader statistics

  1. FlyAngler

    Wow, I wonder how many of those views your “regulars” represent?

  2. Wally

    Congrats – that’s very impressive!

  3. Old School Grump

    Can you post some sort of breakout of U.S. readership by state?

  4. XYount

    Show this to your publisher. There’s gotta be a book in there somewhere.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Deal with reality. It’s me, you and Hiram. Who is also Fake Walt and those other inane names he goes by. That is it. You have a readership of two. Which is twice more than you deserve. And one of them is a moron. Hiram – you chose, you proof and post loser.
    But go ahead and post your fancy dot map, Dude, and wet yourself over your global reach. Then, go take a cold shower, get a pencil, and learn how to write. You load.
    Your Pal,

  6. Digdug


    Newsflash fer ‘ya – views dont mean sheet – unless you hit the flux capacitor and turned back the clock to February 2000, and you have Goldman working on your IPO.

    In today’s speak, it is all about unique users, not silly page views, which can be up to ten (or more) times what the actual users (viewers) of your site are.

    In other words, if foolishly waste my not so precious time looking at your silly site twice a day, and during that time, I check the comments on two of your posts, then i am counted at least four times as a “view”, and perhaps six.

    Counting your readers using this method is akin to the nonsense language real estate brokers use in MLS property listings….and i know you pride yourself on bucking such hot air….

    • christopherfountain

      whatever. Here’s what the site meter says:

      What exactly is a ‘visit’, and how does it compare with ‘hit’, ‘page view’ and ‘session’?

      In January 2008 we wrote a news/blog posting about a change of policy. In our old policy, we increased the count of visitors every time a thumbnail map was ‘served up’ from our server to someone reading one of your pages. This meant that a ‘visit’ used to correspond formally to a single ‘page view’. Now, if someone visiting from a specific IP address reloads your page 20 times in one day, they will be counted as just 1 visit. This is more representative of the overall flow of visitors to your site, even though it means you can’t use ClustrMaps specifically as a ‘page view counter’ for the purposes of (say) counting advertising page views.

      For completeness, we note that a ‘hit’ formally refers to every object that is delivered on your page (e.g. a page with 20 images could result in 21 hits, one for the page and one for each of the images). Some counter services consider a ‘session’ to be anything that happens within a 30-minute interval (i.e. 5 page views over a 20 minute period would still count as just 1 page view, because they occured within one session), but we prefer the ‘1 per day’ interval, since it is the geographical spread over the long run that is of most relevance to ClustrMaps. In the past, ‘page views’ provided a good approximateion of the true number of visitors, but obviously there were exceptions: a typical ‘bad case’ was that of discussion forums, where you can get a fresh additional page view for EVERY message read. Other bad cases happened with sites that have the same thumbnail map appearing many times: in such cases we recommend using a single ‘front door’ map, as described in the answer to the ‘too many dots’ question.

      But with our 1-visit-per-IP-per-day policy instituted in early 2008, even discussion forums can avoid being overloaded with false counts. Read more about our policy on our a news/blog posting.

  7. Digdug

    proof that there is no standard on the internet….