Shocker: New Jersey politician is a crook

The Wall Street Journal’s out with a story on New Jersey’s Senator Robert Menendez’s latest bit of corruption. I used this particular worm as a character in my first novel, Stocks & Bondage way back in 1994, when he was still just a greedy grasping, totally corrupt Congressmen. My novel was never bought by a publisher while Menendez was rewarded by New Jersey voters with higher office and the opportunity to steal on an even grander scale. So, see? There is justice in the universe, it’s just a bit different than some of us may have thought.

UPDATE: Too funny – someone else has been admiring this clown’s career and follows it with an entire website, Don’t you just love the Internet?


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4 responses to “Shocker: New Jersey politician is a crook

  1. Anonymous

    State/local income and property tax rates summarize relative corruption and ineptitude very well

  2. HG

    Murtha’s death has opened up a spot on CREW’s list of 15 most corrupt members of Congress. Menendez seems like a contender.

  3. Mazama

    What a sad example for those hard working, clean cut young people on “Jersey Shore.”

    Of course they’d probably point out that with a name like Menendez he’s not a ‘Guido”, ’cause if he was a Guido he’d have been too smart to leave a paper trail for some reporter to follow. YanowadImean?

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Really, we could just cut out so much waste and corruption and angst if we just gave these types what they want in the first place: mirrored sunglasses, a paramilitary uniform, patent leather visored cap, a wrought iron balcony on a crumbling stucco building overlooking a plaza with throngs of adoring people.

    Just do it, Wag-the-Dog style. Then we wouldn’t have to go through all this crap.