The death of the Euro?

That’s what this fellow is predicting. Which would be sweet vindication for this economic illiterate because years ago, when participating on a wonderful website devoted to St. Barts and (then) run by my best friend, I made exactly the same argument whenever the Euro’s rise came up for discussion. Blind Squirrel Productions indeed.


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6 responses to “The death of the Euro?

  1. A.O.

    The heck with the Euro discussion – your friends who ran the SB website sound amazing (I read the About Us blurb on the link) – so many good ideas, each well executed…and to sell the website to WIMCO, all the better. Good folk at WIMCO (I’ve done business with them for years). I followed the link to the Brooks’ restaurant and see they were voted BEST restaurant in 2010 by CT Magazine. No easy feat. I’m making my reservations today. Thanks for the info.

    • christopherfountain

      Bob and I met on our first day of law school and became fast friends – an interesting illustration of personal chemistry because, while we were both avid readers and shared favorite authors, we were and are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and he’s a Yankee’s fan to boot. Anyway, he went on to great success as a federal judge’s clerk, Assistant U.S. Attorney and senior partner at Day, Berry and Howard before chucking the whole thing and opening Still River Cafe with his wife Kara, also an exceptional lawyer. Kara’s the chef and brains behind the restaurant, Bob’s the genial host and the guy who grows all the organic vegetables served up for dinner. Yet another example of how useful law degrees are – or something.

  2. A.O.

    Thanks for the background on how you know Bob. Talk about “build it and they will come”….Eastford is in the middle of nowhere!!! Beautiful countryside, but not exactly a hop skip for us. If I tell them we know you when we eat there, will they charge us double? 🙂

    • christopherfountain

      Probably. My chief complaint about their restaurant is that I used to be able to visit and dine on Kara’s cooking three meals a day in their kitchen. Now, she cooks only for patrons, darn it.

  3. Anonymous

    Not surprising when EU economy only has one engine: Germany….and a bunch of lazy commie countries as parasites of the German taxpayer

    Sort of like the unions and chronic welfare crowd in US as parasites of the US taxpayer

  4. mg

    i agree with anonymous,but Europe has decades of experience with socialists,welfare state,unions and federal and state employees, the US is beginning that process. the euro will be strong.