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Olympic security guards guard their contract!

Stand by idly while girl beaten savagely, all according to their union contract rules.


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Cos Cob wonder!

A reader sent along this link. It won’t replace the martini, of course, but it looks pretty cool.


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So what do we want in this town?

According to this report from Greenwich Time, a proposal to expand the River Road boating complex ran into rough seas at last night’s P&Z hearing. I think that’s a shame.

Rick Kral, owner of Beacon Point Marine and Greenwich Water Club at 49 River Road, wants to redevelop his current site and also expand to a nearby property. Kral wants to nearly double the size of the clubhouse to 15,045 square feet, including a new three-level addition, new dining area, an expanded bar area, a baby sitter’s room and a butler service area.

The clubhouse would be connected to another building that now houses rowing storage and training facilities. That building will increase by one third to approximately 24,000 square feet and would house an indoor lap pool.

The second part of the development would occur at a 1.38 -acre site that includes 89, 137 and 143 River Road.

On that site, Kral is proposing to build a new three-story 24,487-square-foot multipurpose rowing, training, squash and office building for Greenwich Water Club members.

The entire site is in the waterfront business zone, where zoning rules require most of the activities to be primarily water-related.

That’s what troubled the commissioners, who believe the expansion was geared more to non-water related activities.

“We don’t see how squash is a water-dependent use,” commissioner Richard Maitland said.

It seems to this disinterested observer that any business on the waterfront has to make money if it’s to survive and while I’ll concede that squash doesn’t necessarily scream “water” (it produces sweat, though) a waterfront restaurant and expanded rowing facilities do. I’d think the P&Z should defer to the owner’s business sense and wish him good luck and good fortune. Too restrictive an environment will just doom the area to a continued decline. The day of Palmer Motors is long gone.


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Not for nothing, but where’s my blizzard?

Three inches in Riverside, and that’s it. Boo.


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Tesei rocks

Don’t tell his former challenger and my friend and business partner Frankie Fudrucker, but Greenwich’s First Selectman Peter Tesei is not only doing a good job, he responds quickly to constituents’ emails. I sent him a message about Google’s offer to install super high-speed Internet access in towns our size and he  now says he’ll have someone pursue it. The chance of success on that are hard to determine – balance Greenwich’s prestige, and the number of households with computers capable of handling high-speed Internet vs. some lowly town in Ohio that makes a good sob story and I don’t know how it plays out in corporate headquarters. But I am hugely impressed that Peter’s * going to try.

* I believe I’ve met our First Selectman once, so my use of his first name is a complete fraud in so far as it implies a personal relationship.


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Charlie Wilson has died

That’s too bad – time to order Charlie Wilson’s War from Netflix.

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These guys will stop at nothing, even sex!

Muslim Pussy bomb

(Hat tip, Bobby 59)


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We go where the New York Times fears to tread

The Times reports on this billboard but, no doubt from fear of killing off its few remaining readers from the shock of it, won’t post a picture. So I will.(Mother, shield your eyes)


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Ethiopian airline crash caused by suicide bomber?

This site says yes, but Debka has, in the past, served up some blatantly untrue rumors as well as some spot-on truths from its intelligence sources, so bring salt cellar in hand if you go there.

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Zillow: housing prices start back down

Whatever – I’ve long thought Greenwich was not close to being out of the woods, so this national survey is probably irrelevant. But it’s real estate-related, so I thought I’d post it.


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Vagina monologue moron

Eve Ensler blames global warming for earthquakes and tsunamis. A voice that must be listened to!

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In Greenwich, we just call over to Cos Cob

One to mix the martinis, another to call the service man

Twelve tips on how to avoid a heart attack while snow shoveling. Related to previous post regarding low intelligence and heart attacks? We report, you decide.

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Barbara Boxer’s senate seat soon to be vacant

"I'll be fine - let me up!"

Study: Low intelligence increases risk of heart attack.

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Gays in the military and unit cohesion

This lawyer (on what liberals would probably consider a “conservative” site) says the evidence from armies like the Aussies and Israelis suggests it’s a complete non-issue. And I think this reader’ comment explains why:

Clearly written and argued.

Also: there’s the understanding in military culture, you park your baggage at the door. So even if there were a greater incidence of homophobia amongst the American recruits, what the military says goes. Period.

You learn to quickly put aside old prejudices, I hear, and bond anew with your new … colleagues. Like a sports team, there is a greater mission uniting, not dividing the individuals who are individuals no more (despite the relatively recent “Army of One” marketing slogan.)

That’s why when the military ended color segregation, it worked so quickly and the anticipated friction was overcome or nil.

Note to real estate readers: blizzard or not, the MLS is closed and I don’t feel like writing about real estate matters today. Come back tomorrow.

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I don’t want to sound ungrateful, as I’m happy for whatever we receive,  but it seems we have all of three, possibly four inches of snow here in Riverside. Not quite the “February Fury” the Weather Channel’s touting. Ha. Remember when the media pulled the trigger too soon in January, 1998 (I think)? They labelled it the “Blizzard of the century” or some such rot, and then had to come up with another tag three weeks later when an even larger storm arrived.


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Greenwich should apply!

Google’s going to test a broadband system 100X faster than current methods. They’re looking for cities with 50,000 – 500,000 populations and are accepting applications. My only concern is that, once you have this, how could you go on living when the experiment ends? Remember hitting a dial-up modem after getting used to cable? This would be one hundred times worse.


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A letter from our would-be Governor on how to improve business conditions in Connecticut

Make it more expensive!  A reader sent this along:

I just received this email from Dan Malloy, our wanna-be governor. If I understand this soon-to-be-law, employees will work 39 hours a week and be paid for 40. Way to attract jobs to CT, Dan. Anyone have a Facebook account?

From Dan Malloy:
There are certain basic rights that should be afforded to any working person in Connecticut, and paid sick leave is definitely among them.

As I’ve traveled the state in recent months listening to the concerns of workers and their families, our conversations have reaffirmed my longstanding belief that Connecticut employers should provide paid sick leave to their employees. Period. It’s wrong that we would penalize workers – salaried or on hourly wage – for being ill. A person should not have to worry about missing a rent check or a mortgage payment because they catch the flu.

Yesterday I disagreed with Ned Lamont on this very issue, which you can read more about here. Now, I’m asking you to join me in standing up for worker’s rights. Take action today by contacting your state legislator and asking them to support paid sick leave. And, forward this note to friends asking them to do the same.

Providing paid sick days to employees isn’t just the right and fair thing to do, it’s also good public policy. Connecticut has tens of thousands of employees who work in food service and healthcare. Allowing those sick workers time to recuperate benefits the entire population. Additionally, allowing workers to take time to seek early treatment also means fewer trips to the emergency room for untreated illness – saving the state money. It’s not anti-business. It’s smart public policy, and it’s the right thing to do.

In recent years both branches of Connecticut’s State Legislature have passed bills that would require employers to provide paid time off for illness. Each bill would have required employers with 50 or more employees to provide leave once an employee had accumulated a certain number of hours. The paid sick would time accrue at a rate of one hour for every 40 hours worked. This is a fair, equitable solution for everyone involved.

I support the legislation, because I believe there are smart ways to improve the business climate in Connecticut that don’t involve jeopardizing people’s health. If you agree, let your legislators know today.

Connecticut needs to lower energy costs, provide smart tax incentives that reward businesses that create jobs, and fix our health care system to help small businesses lower their overhead. And we can do these things, and more. But we don’t have to force sick people to go to work.

Join Dan on Facebook

Tell us what you think about paid sick leave on Facebook.

All the best,



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Too funny

Brooklyn: terrier mugged, doggie coat stolen. I guess it is dangerous out there.

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Twinkies and Osama

Guinea pig is good for you!

First Lady: obesity a threat to national security. Uh huh.


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Well at least our representatives have the government they deserve

D.C. calls in its snow plows: “too dangerous”. Good lord, Pal Nancy’s from Watertown, N.Y., and up there, this would be considered just another day in paradise.


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