Sno Woevel, con’t

1888: "we're going to have to invent Cos Cob, Wilfred."

So I was out around town just now (off to see a new listing on the open house tour that, annoyingly, was cancelled without notice – wasted trip) and got to thinking more about this Sno Wovel gadget a reader mentioned yesterday. Amazon’s reviewers are mostly positive while The Duke is not.  I have never used one.

But watching homeowners dig out the sidewalks in front of their properties, it seemed to me that the tool would be an excellent choice for that task. Fortunately there are no sidewalks abutting Chez de la Fountaine but residents on Lockwood Road, say, with their brand new sidewalk, might want to look into it. They can probably cut a deal with The Duke and pick one up cheap.


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12 responses to “Sno Woevel, con’t

  1. Cos Cobber

    I love my snowblower. With every storm I convince another neighbor to ditch the plowman and the shovel. Snowblowers are perfect for sidewalks.

  2. A.O.

    I feel just the opposite about snowblowers. We gave ours away, mostly because we have a long stone driveway and the snowblower would throw the precious bluestone into our windows. I know, I know, aim the blower the other way stupid, but inevitably, some stones got whacked up onto the house. With the snowplow, at least all the gravel ends up in a pile on the lawn!!
    PS: Our daughter came over this morning to reclaim the gifted Wovel after she read the thread that said we don’t use it. Oops, caught.

    • christopherfountain

      Ha! Glad to know your daughter’s a reader, AO, but geeze, that’s tough – warn me next time!

  3. Cos Cobber

    A.O. snowblowers don’t work on non paved surfaces. never have, never will.

    thats funny about the reclaimed wovel.

  4. Walt

    Duderino –
    I just tooled around town as well. Do you agree we got more than 3 inches? And where do you get these snowblowers? I was bored yesterday, and could have used one.
    Anyway, after being cooped up all day, and dreaming of BBQ, I went down to Will Morton’s Rotisserie, to pick up some lunch. Well worth the trip. Mini- slider pulled pork sandwiches and venison chili.
    I recommend it. The chili had a few to many beans, but not having to blow Bambi’s brains out myself made it well worthwhile. Met Wil. Good guy.

    Your Pal,

  5. If you’re going to get a snowblower go first class and get a Honda. They’re well worth the small premium you’ll pay for the reliability and longevity.

  6. $19.95 plus S & H

    Call now and get a second one free. Buy three and get a free sham-wow. One device does not work well for all types of snow.
    signed Mr. Cos-Cobber.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Walt, send Cabana Boy to Home Cheapo, Lowes or your buddy Eddie Lampert’s chain; Sears.

  8. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke was in Greenwich today for a small auto repair ( the folks at New Country are great!), and he picked up dinner at Will Morton’s Rotisserie. Schezuan (sp?) roasted chicken, collared greens and corn bread. Mentioned your rec. and Will was pleased but said he never sees CF anymore…

    • christopherfountain

      Ah, well, I’m sure he’d rather receive new paying customers than see me mooching for free scraps from his dumpster.

  9. The Duke of Deception

    I read about your kind in the NYT. Gross.