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Goldman, J.P. Morgan enabled Greece to hide its looming financial disaster

God bless them, but what do you bet that, just like  with AIG, they were taking bets on the other side?


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NYT: Obama planning to bypass Congress, enact his agenda using executive powers

I blame Bush!

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Drinking will do that

I bought what?!

Scusie reports that Mel Gibson’s one of  two suckers to spit up $8 million for one of the Manero’s condos. This could be true: the guy can’t sell his place on Old Mill, even at the bargain price of $29 million, has left his wife and the mother of his 12 children and impregnated some girl when he’s what – 65-years-old? Out of control and stupid, so why not buy a place at twice its value? Question I have is, who’s bought the other one of these units? Can there really be two such fools in our universe? Of course, there is always Alec Baldwin.


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Angry Harvard grad/socialist* professor killed before

Amy Bishop, The woman denied tenure at the University of Alabama who killed three of her colleagues yesterday turns out to have also shot and killed her own brother years ago. This seems like a train wreck waiting to happen, now.


From Ratemyprofessors.com: “This class was great. Bishop makes the class interesting by talking about her research and her friends research. That speaker she had for class was hard to understand but smart. She expects alot and you need to come to every class and study. She is hot but she tries to hide it.And she is a socalist but she only talks about it after class.”

Reader George Berryman writes: “I’m guessing the ’she’s a socialist’ part won’t get talked about much in the MSM. But if she had been a conservative it’d lead every evening news cast for two months.


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You worry about corporations, I worry (also) about unions and the Congressional Black Caucus

Washington is awash in money and the more it controls our country, the more it can extract.

Most political groups in Washington would have been barred by law from accepting that kind of direct aid from corporations. But by taking advantage of political finance laws, the caucus has built a fund-raising juggernaut unlike anything else in town.

It has a traditional political fund-raising arm subject to federal rules. But it also has a network of nonprofit groups and charities that allow it to collect unlimited amounts of money from corporations and labor unions.

From 2004 to 2008, the Congressional Black Caucus’s political and charitable wings took in at least $55 million in corporate and union contributions, according to an analysis by The New York Times, an impressive amount even by the standards of a Washington awash in cash. Only $1 million of that went to the caucus’s political action committee; the rest poured into the largely unregulated nonprofit network. (Data for 2009 is not available.)

The caucus says its nonprofit groups are intended to help disadvantaged African-Americans by providing scholarships and internships to students, researching policy and holding seminars on topics like healthy living.

But the bulk of the money has been spent on elaborate conventions that have become a high point of the Washington social season, as well as the headquarters building, golf outings by members of Congress and an annual visit to a Mississippi casino resort.

In 2008, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation spent more on the caterer for its signature legislative dinner and conference — nearly $700,000 for an event one organizer called “Hollywood on the Potomac” — than it gave out in scholarships, federal tax records show.

And if you don’t care about black politicians with their snouts in the trough, check out this story of Democrat/Republican/Big Pharma lobbyist Billy Tauzin, earning $2 million a year, plus bribes, to influence his colleagues, both before and after his leaving Congress. Again; the only way to control this corruption, I think, is to limit the power of government to make or ruin businesses.


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Guns in Greenwich

I inherited a 1941 (?) Winchester 52 Sporter .22 from my father . A fabulous rifle with a jewel-like firing mechanism that he only let me use after I demonstrated some skill on a far cheaper Mossburg he bought me at the genuine Abercrombie & Fitch in, I think, 1963. My own kids learned to shoot with the Winchester and I’ve always intended to leave it to the most deserving of them (so start demonstrating your worthiness, boy and girls) but, what with moving around since 1996 or so, the rifle was sadly neglected and it needs at least a good cleaning.

It came with a scope (The Commander insisted I learn with Lyman iron sights but did give me the scope as well) and I noticed that it was made by Griffin & Howe. Googling them with the idea of perhaps buying a modern replacement for that  ancient scope (rifles have not improved since this one was made ; scopes have), I discovered that not only is the firm still in business, it has a retail gun store right here in Greenwich at 340 West Putnam Avenue, next to the old Captain Mud Duck’s and, fittingly, given the price of their inventory, adjoining the Maserati dealership.

So off I went, and ended up leaving it to be restored and perhaps (quote depending) having a new scope installed. But what a store – picture the danger of a Home Depot, with price tags ten-times greater. A paid companion/guardian is recommended for any visit here. One rifle that had me drooling was a Griffin & Howe, Krag “improved Zipper .22”, custom made by Seymour Griffin himself for his son-in-law. It’s damn heavy: 10 plus pounds, compared to the Sporter’s 7,  but that’s a good weight to get used to if you’re learning to shoot big bore guns without the expense of big bore cartridges. And the rifle is an absolute, gorgeous beauty. Anyone (Cobra?) know what an improved Zipper .22 is? Can it shoot a .22 Long Rifle cartridge? And does anyone care to donate the $8,100 price tag? Oh well – great store to visit.

Griffin & Howe Krag .22


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Teabaggers – go for it

Tea Party people are upset that the Left uses the term, “Teabagger” to refer to their insurrection. I say, screw ’em, and go with it. No libertarian I know is worried about homosexuality – that’s a concern of the racist, sexist, homophobic Left – so let’s adopt it and “move on”, so to speak. We’re bigger than that, and them.


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Selling the hangman the noose

Chevron comes back to Venezuela. Let’s just hope that Goldman Sachs doesn’t count Chevron as a client or we’re going to end up compensating them when Chavez grabs their assets.

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Lincoln – the Bruce Museum’s got him, but not NYC, thanks to Peter Malkin

Time's up, old fella!

The Bruce is hosting an exhibit on Lincoln this month, whereas in New York, the Lincoln Building’s name has been changed to One Grand Central Place by its owner, Peter Malkin. Hey, it’s not a commercially – stupid switch, but I wonder whether Mr. Malkin brought the Lincoln stuff – plaque, statue, all that – back here to Greenwich to display at the Bruce?

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The truthers are winning on global warming

Not here in the US, of course, because our mainstream media’s so invested in its version of an ideal world, governed by proper-thinking intellectuals, but everywhere else, the truth is leaking out. No man-made warming and even one of that theory’s chief proponents has been forced to admit it. Tea baggers and Republicans alike should be busy derailing the EPA’s coming regulation of CO2, before this country joins the dustbin of history.

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Go ahead, make my day

Guarantee a best seller

John Tierney  of the New York Times reports on  a study of most-emailed articles from his paper. Tierney is surprised to learn, he says, that sex alone will not produce a hit nor his own idea of writing an article on “How your pet’s diet is ruining your marriage and why it’s Bush’s fault”. I dunno, the latter sounds like a surefire hit to me, but apparently science articles lead the pack. Who knew?

At the Chez de la Fontaine homestead back in the days when people read books, we all admired a collection of humor essays by the Brit Alan Coren who named his modest tome “Golfing for Cats” and adorned it with a swastika, after learning that the three best selling book categories  were golfing, cats and the Third Reich. I think that should still work, but in these Internet days, you might want to add a reference to Glenn Reynolds grinding up puppie dogs, just to make certain.

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