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Flash back, 1976, Dorothy Hamill

A reader sent me this link to a Harvard Crimson’s article on Dorothy Hamill’s almost-retirement from figure skating back in 1975 . Accurate? Well, Dorothy grew up just down the street from me, I watched her learn to skate on Patrick’s Pond in the early 1960s, her older brother Sandy was my friend and Patrol Leader of the Raccoon Patrol of Riverside’s Troop II and – well, yes.

I think that the Crimson author, one JON LEDECKY, was s a bit hysterical calling it a “Watergate moment” – Dodo, as we knew her, was exhausted, frustrated and still a young kid, and if her father saved her from professional ruin, that hardly rises to the level of Presidential corruption, but I assume Ledecky, fresh off a stint as a reporter for Greenwich Time, was a kid himself, so he should probably be excused his histrionics too. Our Savior knows that I’d like to be excused for things I wrote last week, let alone what I said, wrote and did at 19.

Either way, Dorothy recovered her poise, went back to skating and of course won the gold medal. We all cheered.


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Brace yourself, Bridget

U.S. government’s housing aid to end.

ELKHART, Ind. — Over the next six months, the federal government plans to wind down many of its emergency programs for housing. Then it will become clear if the market can function on its own. People here are pretty sure the answer will be no.

To the extent that the real estate market is functioning at all, people here say, it is doing so only because of the emergency programs, which have pushed down interest rates on mortgages and offered buyers a substantial tax credit.

Equally important is an expanded mortgage insurance program run by the Federal Housing Administration, which encourages private lenders to accept borrowers with small down payments. The government takes the risk of default.

A few years ago, only one in 10 buyers in Elkhart used the housing agency program. Now about half do. Across the country, the agency has greatly expanded its reach so that it now insures six million mortgages.

“There has been all kinds of help for housing. I’m not unappreciative,” said Barb Swartley, president of the Elkhart County Board of Realtors. “But you can’t turn real estate into a government-sponsored operation forever.”

Not that the Dems won’t try, but I believe Ms. Swartley’s onto something here.

UPDATE: Stimulus funds running out for skooles two!


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Joe “I’m no terrorist” Biden runs down Peggy Fleming in Vancouver

Those hair plugs must have affected his vision.

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Cheney: repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” law

Makes sense to me. “It’s a generational thing”, he says, and I think he’s right. People my age (mid-fifties) don’t care much and our kids couldn’t care less.


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Hard at work, as usual

Our local legislators can’t get their act together to urge Rell to cut spending but by gosh, they can certainly come up with a useless, lawless  and scientifically illiterate motion to ban cellphone towers from our schools! Wanna bet whether their own kids have cellphones?

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Asset freeze my ass

How'd Dad's Rolex end up here?

Greenwich police probe burglary hits near Mark Madoff’s home on 21 Cherry Valley Road. Probe indeed. Just sayin’ ….


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Give us back our incandescent lights!

We're turning around!

U – Turn on global warming. None since 1995 – data missing on “proof”. Etc.

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