Flash back, 1976, Dorothy Hamill

A reader sent me this link to a Harvard Crimson’s article on Dorothy Hamill’s almost-retirement from figure skating back in 1975 . Accurate? Well, Dorothy grew up just down the street from me, I watched her learn to skate on Patrick’s Pond in the early 1960s, her older brother Sandy was my friend and Patrol Leader of the Raccoon Patrol of Riverside’s Troop II and – well, yes.

I think that the Crimson author, one JON LEDECKY, was s a bit hysterical calling it a “Watergate moment” – Dodo, as we knew her, was exhausted, frustrated and still a young kid, and if her father saved her from professional ruin, that hardly rises to the level of Presidential corruption, but I assume Ledecky, fresh off a stint as a reporter for Greenwich Time, was a kid himself, so he should probably be excused his histrionics too. Our Savior knows that I’d like to be excused for things I wrote last week, let alone what I said, wrote and did at 19.

Either way, Dorothy recovered her poise, went back to skating and of course won the gold medal. We all cheered.


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8 responses to “Flash back, 1976, Dorothy Hamill

  1. Gideon Fountain

    I recall a young “Jon Ledecky” in my class at Greenwich High School. Smart chap, wore the same pair of jeans from 1973 through 1975, always a bit, you know, “full of it”. Went on to make billions I hear, but if I had to pick someone to believe, I’d pick former neighbor Dorothy Hamill.

    • christopherfountain

      GHS class of ’75. Googling the fellow, he seems to have made a lot of money through networking but seems to be all hat, no cattle. But what do I know?

  2. Ledecky

    He made a lot of money but lost a lot of hair. This over-achiever and “burner of candles at both ends” would probably today be voted “most likely to die by age 65” award. Let him have it.

    Many of his investors in his “roll-ups” would not be very kind worded about him. Thanks to penny stock vendors like Friedman, Billings and Ramsey in Washington who raised all the money for Ledecky to “invest”, Ledecky lined his pockets while little mom and pop operations who were fools to sign over their “legacy family companies” into his “consolidations” were left with no “capital” and were left holding the empty bag. Ledecky is seen by most investment firms as an asshole and grand self-promoter. I think he had the balls to buy Kennedy’s Georgetown home on “o” st, what a pompous jerk.

  3. jon Ledecky, scoundrel

    Our former neighbors the Ledecky family was a bit “high tide”. Jon, a room mate of Scott Malkin of Wien & Malkin fame at Harvard, once said he felt like he was a Beverly Hillbilly when he and his family moved to Greenwich. His Dad got a job promotion that landed him here but they did not have deep pockets to live like old line rich people here.
    Many in the business would call Jon L. a scoundrel. He had a younger brother Dave L. in my class at ghs. Hard worker and boring guy who became a lawyer and helped Jon behind the scenes making 500K a year in his “consolidation capital” ventures in dc.
    Read for yourself. Jon L. would fit in Greenwich well today after reading this story. Greedy and all about himself. Sounds like others you write about and derail daily on this blog.


  4. Hamill for Governor

    Move over Palin. Dodo has a shot at this CT job. Her Dad, an old Pitney Bowes employee would be proud. Somebody nominate her.

  5. Anthony Fountain

    Another Ledecky tale: I seem to remember a Dave Ledecky from my days as a paralegal at Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He was a first-year associate and a nice enough guy but having little to do. The scuttlebutt was Ledecky had handed in his resignation almost immediately after starting; apparently not happy with the partner to whom he had been assigned, he being of insufficient “star” quality.

    The partner, understandably, was miffed and ordered Ledecky to report to work every day until he decided whether or not to “accept” his resignation. Having no choice Ledecky did just that, sitting at his desk but receiving no calls, memos or visitors, save from the messengers who every hour or so dutifully checked his empty outbox.

    After two or three months of this the partner finally took pity on Ledecky and let him escape but until then his plight was of the subject of considerable hilarity to the rest of the firm.

  6. ledecky is no jfk


    i guess jon just realized he is just jon ledecky and sold his dream house.