Protecting its turf

After ignoring the tea party movement just as thoroughly as it has the explosion of the global warming myth, the Times now seeks to ridicule it and frame it as the next  militant hill billy John Birch Society. As this professional in “The Nuking of Dan Coates” explains, “it’s politics 101 – frame the guy early”.

The Times, obviously chagrined at ignoring the Scott Brown movement – that happens when one lives in a solipsistic world – seems determined not to make that same mistake again.


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3 responses to “Protecting its turf

  1. Helsa Poppin

    Well, first they ignore, then they ridicule, then they fight, then we win. I relish this coverage and hope it continues, with the Times being as nasty as possible because that’s exactly the way this movement is going to win converts. Reading this article, despite the sneering tone, I found a lot of useful information. It is actually a pro-Constitution, libertarian movement with well-thought-out positions, most of which I happen to agree with. This article made me want to attend a rally, not only to lend support but as a social thing, to meet other right-thinkers (my chosen field means I spend my days with Jon-Stewart-worshipping liberals).

  2. Anonymous

    Everyone already knows NYT is a commie rag, so just follow it to know what is latest commie spin