Atlas shrugged

Oregon the latest foreclosure hot spot. This state of green just passed a new tax on the successful and industrious in hope of forcing them to subsidize the feckless and worthless. Unless other states figure it out and amend their own tax laws to attract good people, I think we’re going to see the state of Texas with all the best of our citizens and the other 49 states filled with loafing losers. That’ll be fun.

UPDATE: Connecticut Democrats, determined to lead the 49, want to add a penalty tax to Fairfield County’s executive bonuses. Go away! We don’t want you in our state! Brilliant. (Reader alert: link is to a site filled with disgusting photos of harelips – my advice, trust me on the accuracy of my reporting and skip hitting Greenwich Time to confirm).


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9 responses to “Atlas shrugged

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting how MSM avoids comparing tax burden in TX vs NYC/NJ/CA
    And comparing relative incomes, corporate HQs, unemployment, potholes in rds, quality of best public suburban schools, crime rates in comparable suburbs, etc
    10+% income tax rates in NYC/CA seem to only pay for $100K+/yr unionized government parasites vs fewer and lower paid gvt workers in TX, allowing low total taxes despite similar gvt services

  2. Peg

    They just don’t get it. The simple principle that a smaller percentage of something is superior to a larger percentage of nothing doesn’t compute.

  3. Cos Cobber

    CF, is there any local real estate news to kick around?

    I’m becoming depressed with the notion of increased CT income taxes and crosstown busing (aka community school destruction).

    • christopherfountain

      CC, there were two sales reported yesterday that I promise to discuss later today – not great news for sellers, but news, nonetheless. Otherwise, it’s school holiday, and not much is happening. I am aware that this blog attracts its readers because of its focus on real estate and I’m as frustrated as you that there’s so little activity to report.

  4. At least CT is openly discussing delaying payment of income tax refunds like NY is:

    NY has done this before, so I now try to figure my NY withholding so as to owe them rather being due a refund. It didn’t work out that way this year, unfortunately.

  5. whatever

    how about this:

    if elected officials decide to quit while still in office they forfeit their pensions/benefits?

    if elected officials are “do nothings” they forfeit their pensions/benefits?

    if elected officials are found guilty of any thing while in office they forfeit their pensions/benefits?

  6. Priapus

    OR-E-GONE…is retard spelled backwards.

  7. Pseudoscientist expert know it all

    Cleft lip, babe. No, I’m not trying to be Hiram.