Big yawn

Does anyone besides Henry Blodget care that the Olympics aren’t being shown live? I’m not watching the taped episodes at night, and certainly wouldn’t watch during the day, but Blodget’s Business Insider is running fifteen postings a day complaining about the lack of live coverage. Am I missing something here, or has Blodget got his head stuck where there’s no oxygen?


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4 responses to “Big yawn

  1. Cos Cobber

    I have been soaking up the nightly coverage (I’m a skier so it stands to reason)…really enjoying almost all of it. These have been good games…I think there is nothing to complain about regarding NBC’s coverage. Its fine.

    Look at the stands at these games…great vibe and energy. Beautiful locale…and classic coastal BC weather…rain…snow…fog…rain.

  2. anonymommy

    i love watching the today show coverage in the morning (that’s live blodget crankler!) and the coverage in the evening. still lots of excitement even when we know who won.

  3. noel deathwatch fgg

    is this the same guy on clusterstock who was counting the days it took for noel’s fgg to die?

  4. pulled up in OG

    Coverage sucks, as usual, CC. Send that idiot Collinsworth back to the NFL, give Dick Button a lethal injection, and show more competition. Appalling how little you see in four hours of prime time.