Blogs for sale

Hot Air is sold. The Professor says, “Is InstaPundit for sale, you ask? A better question: Who would buy it?”

My proudest moment as a blogger was probably when, during a sit-down with reporters, bloggers and editors, someone suggested to the then-editor of Greenwich Time that he hire me and he said, “Chris, you’re radioactive”. Love it!


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4 responses to “Blogs for sale

  1. Peg

    HotAir is one of my favorite blogs. Love Morrissey’s willingness to criticize “his own” if he believes they’re deserving, and Allahpundit’s wicked humor.

    Are you sure you aren’t gonna put a sale sign on For What It’s Worth? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    GT says you’re radioacotive because they are a liberal hack. You could add some balance to that rag.

  3. xyzzy

    Given the level of Greenwich real estate sales and new listing, this blog might turn into 100% politics. Okay maybe 75% politics and 25% hunting.

  4. Bob

    My feeling on newspapers is that they insist on pumping out the same boring stuff…and they’re going out of business. They need to print bold, funny, “in your face” stuff and put it only in ink, not online. Make people walk to the corner and drop a quarter in the machine.

    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”