Danger: Idiots at work

Don’t even try to fly home from Canada. Does anyone even pretend to think this is keeping us safe?


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4 responses to “Danger: Idiots at work

  1. Anonymous

    Remember the old advertising slogan “Getting there is half the fun!”?

    The terrorists have won: they have ruined any pleasurable flying experience for all but the bankers, Al Gore, Wall Streeters, politicians, union leaders, movie stars, corporate chieftains and others whose organizations pay for their free private jet flights along with their attendant gigantic carbon footprints.

    Cap and trade? How about a crippling tax upon these private jet flights? Why shouldn’t these miscreants have to suffer the same indignities as the rest of us for whom they want to make the rules.

    Take Chuck Schumer, for example, who, in a widely reported incident, was so upset when he had to fly first-class commercial with the hoi polloi recently and abide by its cell-phone rules that he loudly argued with the flight attendant who asked him to turn his phone off and called her a “bitch.”

    This type of behavior on the part of our ruling class must stop. “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!”

  2. Anonymous

    Was amused to learn that a PE retiree like Romney flies commercial and was assaulted on plane from Canada
    Thought part of reason for kids to flee IB for HF or PE is that one need never fly commercial again if any good
    Even allegedly frugal Uncle Warren only flies NetJets

  3. Anonymous

    airport security is the new WPA [works progress admin, from FDR, which paid half the people to dig holes in the ground and paid the other half to fill them in]. nothing is accomplished, but government money gets spent on all the folks who didn’t finish high school.

  4. P

    There is one aspect to this story which is worth noting. Most U.S.-bound flights originating from Canada may depart only once all passengers have cleared U.S. customs inside the Canadian airport. If it’s true that U.S. customs, unlike the airport security WPA screeners, is at least somewhat effective at gauging risk, flights originating from Canada are far safer than flights originating elsewhere including, possibly, domestic U.S. flights.