Here’s a good use of surplus cash

Google has donated $2 million to Wikipedia. I think that’s neat.


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2 responses to “Here’s a good use of surplus cash

  1. greenmtnpunter

    Just so long as Google’s PC tendencies do not invade Wikipedia’ content. Wikipedia is becoming, or has already become, the go to source for information in the internet age. It must also be free of political correctness when dealing with controversial historical, cultural, and current political issues. Editorial neutrality is the sine qua non for an information source such as Wikipedia- or send Google’s $2 million back, there are other donors willing to support this great enterprise.

  2. Way Up Valley

    Neat, agree.

    Google seems to actually take it’s highly suspect pledge not to be evil reasonably seriously.

    Considering it has tremendous capacity (by which I mean capacity, not tendency) for evil, and at some points has seemed to be thwarting it’s promise of self-control, there is a case to be made that Google is among the most responsibly run companies of its size — and certainly the most responsibly run company of its type — ever.

    $2 million doesn’t mean much to Google, but it probably means a lot to Wikipedia, and that, right there, is the whole nature of charity…plus the tax breaks and influence.

    (If Google is looking to shed another couple mil, I’ll give Mr. Brin my PO Box and Chris and I can work something out so he can pass on the advertising…similar to which, just watch coverage in Wiki of GOOG and its interests…if it gets softer and more genuflecting…someone will cry foul)