Obama to NASA: reach out to muslims

Our president wants NASA to become a part of our diplomatic branch. How, exactly does a scientific organization appeal to people who add “insha’Allah” to chemical equations?


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3 responses to “Obama to NASA: reach out to muslims

  1. Priapus

    that sign was obviously created by a woman that was not allowed to go to school, had her clitoris scraped off (for her pleasure) and will be stoned for leaving her house without a family member.

    Soylent Green is PEOPLE….
    Soylent Green is PEOPLLLLLLEEEEE…..

  2. AJ

    What an imbecile Boy Blundah is. As he sinks lower and lower in the polls he still finds ways to make himself appear even more ridiculous. Is there a more clueless, out of touch politician out there than this moron? So now he wants to see an Islamist flag flying on the moon. Thank god we are rid of him in 2012.

  3. Anonymous

    One termer, please. Please!

    These next two election cycles are sure to be doozies.