Safety last

TSA employees will now require that we have our hands swabbed for traces of explosives. This latest attempt to annoy and harass travelers comes just days after they forced the parents (one of whom was a policeman and identified himself as such) of a 4-year-old boy to remove his leg braces and try to walk through a scanner.

So here’s the deal: we all know we have hired and entrusted our security to low browed apes: at ten bucks an hour, we aren’t going to get better people and frankly, we can’t afford to. And, like all dullards, these people relish the authority and opportunity to abuse their betters that their government job allows them. But to pretend that we are getting any sort of security by having these people at airports is ludicrous. They can’t tell the difference between a four-year-old boy in leg braces and an 85-year-old great grandmother in a wheelchair so they torment and waste their time on both, while letting muslim scum bag bombers walk through.

The whole airport security show is merely that, with the bonus for Democrats of adding more union jobs. We are no safer – but much poorer- than we were on September 10th, 2001 and our government keeps expanding the charade. Maybe the next catastrophe will bring a change, though I doubt it.


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  1. Anon E. Moose

    I hate to sound line Johnny (Annony?) one-note, but:
    (GA [General Aviation] Serves America)
    (Learn To Fly – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)
    (No Plane, No Gain – Nat’l Business Aviation Association)

    Well within the means of anyone who has the interest and inclination to read this blog. Flight schools can be found at White Plains, Danbury or Bridgeport airports.

    Falling passenger traffic is the only thing that will let the public accept dismantling the TSA. The literal image of Thousands Standing Around with no one to search but each other will rouse the public to overcome the inertia and inevitable bleating of the bureaucrats whose feifdoms are threatened.

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure what’s worse: the min wage TSA morons…or the $100K+/yr moron cops enforcing silly 65MPH speed limits on fwys, allegedly for public safety but actually just as another form of taxation…even the commies in Germany have higher speed lims

  3. Renting in OG

    TSA is worse.

    At least you can get a Valentine 1 to deal with the cops… hard to come up with a similar way to avoid being harassed by TSA workers at the airport.

    I can’t believe they made a poor 4 year old kid try to walk without his braces…. that makes me so mad… I would not have held it together as well as his father did.

    My 18 month old baby got frisked at Heathrow coming back from London over the holidays and while they were very nice about it all things considered I remember thinking at the time how insane it was that the same level of cursory and unnecessary inspection that was applied to my baby was also applied to the traveling-alone-dressed-in-middle-eastern-clothing-20 something-arab-man in the line next to me… such a joke and waste of time and money to give politicians the ostensible appearance of making us “safe” but really just pushing my tax dollars into the hands of a group of disinterested (at best… vindictive at worst in the case of the kid with the braces) unmotivated group of people who aren’t even coming close to actually making things any safer in real life.


  4. AJ

    “muslim scumbag bomber”? I’m reporting you to the Muslim Anti-Defamation League and the ACLU, too.

  5. Priapus

    “muslim scumbag bomber” is SO rude. You should use the industry standard correct term, “small penis, virgin loving, head cutter”

  6. Patience

    Terror theater come to you compliments of the Bush administration. Also, TSA = nonunion.

  7. Arouet

    Conventional wisdom throughout political spectrum is that screenings aren’t really designed to actually reduce risk, they’re supposed to calm the public into thinking they’re “safer.” Ironically, the same people who complain about the ineffective methods are the ones demanding that the gov’ts primary mission statement is to “protect” them. The truth: the best way to manage this risk is to be an alert and brave passenger. But say that on TV (GOP or Dem), and you get slammed by pundits on both sides.

  8. cynic1

    patience…..your first comment is inane….your second is just wrong … TSA “workers”are members of the American Federation of Government Employees Union…

  9. Priapus

    Patience? “Terror theater come to you compliments of the Bush administration.”
    In what year was the 1993 World Trade Cebter Bombing.


  10. “muslim scumbag bomber”

    A lot of redundancy going on there.

  11. I think that testing passenger’s hands for explosives is a good idea. It increases the complexity and risk of each attempted airline attack, with minimal added cost and inconvenience to the traveling public.

    Now, why we are only trying this 9 years after 9/11, after spending billions of dollars on intrusive things that have no chance of making us safer?

  12. Patience

    OK, I could have been clearer about TSA workers and unions. My comment was meant to counter CF’s statement that “The whole airport security show is merely that, with the bonus for Democrats of adding more union jobs.” Yes, TSA workers have a union, but if anyone thinks that AFGE is anything more than a union in name only, he or she hasn’t been paying attention. Viz, the appointment of Obama’s nominee to head the TSA, Erroll Southers, was blocked by Republican Senator Jim DeMint solely on the basis that Southers “might” allow TSA workers to engage in collective bargaining. Not “would allow,” not “would encourage,” not even “was thinking about.” Just that Southers might allow the TSA workers to collectively bargain. A union that doesn’t have the right to collective bargaining is a “paper” union.
    Prior to Southers’ withdrawal of his name for consideration for the post, DeMint said in a statement that the attempted attack “is a perfect example of why the Obama administration should not unionize the TSA.” Without collective bargaining, DeMint said, the TSA has “flexibility to make real-time decisions that allowed it to quickly improve security measures in response to this attempted attack.”

    If organized labor got involved, DeMint said, union bosses would have the power “to veto or delay future security improvements at our airports.” (From McClatchy News Services, 12/28/09)

    Secondly, I stand by my statement that terror theater is brought to you thanks to the Bush administration and Homeland Security. Security restrictions in airports are only ramped up after the fact. “Shoes off” only was put into place after the shoe bomber in late 2001. “No more than 3 oz. of liquids and then in a plastic bag” was put into place only after the Brits discovered the intention of some home-grown terrorists to try to blow up a plane using larger amounts of liquids. It’s all nonsense. There are two things preventing a terror attach in the US using an airplane: reinforced, locked cockpit doors and the passengers. That’s it. It’s distressing that the current administration seems to be taking their response to the underwear bomber from the Bush playbook – in swabbing hands for explosives – because god forbid they be thought “soft” on terrorism.

  13. KC

    I’ve reached the conclusion that many of these people would fit in nicely at the DMVs in most states. Minimal training to spot a few major red flags. A general lack of understanding as to how the system works so a slight complication or extraordinary situation which was not included in training must be pushed into a category which was included in training. Apparently, they are generally unwilling to consult higher-ups if confused and would seemingly choose to do the wrong thing, instead. Reasonable solutions and negotiation are outside of their purview. Add to that a low level disdain for their “clients” and the knowledge that they can mess up your day if they really want to with little or no consequence and I think you have the recipe for a system that is just as likely not to work as it is to stop trouble makers. I don’t doubt for a minute that some are dedicated and well meaning, just as you occasionally find at the DMV. But, just as I can’t believe the DMV works to optimum efficiency for the public, I have the same doubts about airport security.

  14. pulled up in OG

    Here’s a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners. Have a booth that you step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you.

    Win-win for everyone, w/o racial profiling.