Thomas Friedman is against global warming

The Tom Friedman Eco-cottage

Just like charity, obviously, it begins at  home.


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11 responses to “Thomas Friedman is against global warming

  1. foobar

    by ‘against’ I take it you mean he does not believe that GW is caused by humans.

    I agree with the above.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    From Wikipedia:

    “Ann and Thomas Friedman live in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. The July 2006 issue of Washingtonian reported that they own “a palatial 11,400-square-foot (1,060 m2) house, currently valued at $9.3 million, on a 7½-acre parcel just blocks from I-495 and Bethesda Country Club.” Friedman is paid $50,000 per speaking engagement.[7]”

  3. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    what I want to know is, how much does his mustache get for a speaking engagement?

    If he just stopped speaking, the subsequent elimination of hot wind alone would be enough to solve so-called “global warming”. It would also stop “global weirding”, the term he prefers.

  4. foobar

    he and gore, in cahoots. such scum suckers.

  5. '73Refugee

    Man, oh, man, that’s a lotta Grey Poupon.

    Chumley, get my limo.

  6. Renting in OG


    Any anybody that lives in a house like that is a self-important d-bag anyway… but this guy – who is already filthy rich – wants everyone else to pay more for everything (and kill our domestic refining industry in the process) based on dubious science while he clips his coupons and lives in his mega-carbon footprint home.

    Effing hypocrites.

  7. Way Up Valley

    General Aldo:

    “We must fight the humans!”

    Citizen Friedman:

    “We must fight the humans!”

    Is Leonard Peikoff alive, and if so, is he working on an update to The Ominous Parallels?

  8. Daniela EauRouge

    Oh boy, look at his wife’s inheritance curve!
    No wonder he’s grumpy

  9. Priapus

    “The Chinese are laughing at us?”
    Is this guy a frickin’ retard?
    Has he ever been to Shanghai, Beijing or Donguan and coughed up that clean coal?
    Hey glass house moron, they laugh at us because we actually think THEY give a rats ass about the environment!

  10. greenmtnpunter

    Whaddya call this pile? Looks like Disney Magic Kingdom Moderne to me. He’s such a trend setter in the global warming fight that all of his pals will be rarin to build in the Disney Magic Kingdom Moderne style. Friedman is a total bore, as are most brain dead liberals. If you watched CPAC convention on C-Span last night you realized why you are a conservative after listening to that line-up of speakers. Am still laughing, they could be a new act in Las Vegas.