Two sales

60 East Elm Street

Sold for $4.125, off a list price of $4.995. I would guess that someone sold the old Back Coutnry place and wanted a down-sizer in town. Seems steep to me but then, I don’t know how much they pocketed from the first sale, do I?

Four Weston Hill sold, as rumored, for $1.6 million. Sellers paid $1.650 for it in 2002, added a pool and put in a new kitchen, baths, etc. Listed at $2.495 in ’08. assessed at $1.5.


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2 responses to “Two sales

  1. Cos Cobber

    Way back, ten years ago I almost rented an apartment in the old yellow house that occuppied 60 east elm. I’m stunned by the sales price of the new place. I’m going to guess this is an outlier and not the start of another bull run (yeah real bold of me).

    btw, is there a story behind Rays Construction, it seems like they are at the every downtown townhouse site.

  2. Stanwich

    I am astonished at this price. I thought there was a glut of huge, beautifully constructed homes/townhomes. Quick question CF, how does this house compare with the monster on Church Street in terms of size/bedrooms and price? I seem to remember that the Church Street place sold for mid $4’s in much better times. In that case, the market for downtown monsters seems to have come back. It should be pointed out that both this place and Church Street are stand alone homes, not townhomes with condo restrictions.