Your tax dollars at work: $57,000 to add weather stripping, per house

"It's not nearly so drafty with snow over the windows!"

The Great One has spent billions to create thousands of new “Green” jobs and save our world. So far, no jobs, a pathetic number of houses weatherized and dividing money spent by house actually worked on, it’s $57,000 +. Understand that this is not growing pains – this is how government programs work – or don’t.


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3 responses to “Your tax dollars at work: $57,000 to add weather stripping, per house

  1. Peg

    I just can’t wait until these guys get their hands on all of our health care, Christopher – can you?!?

  2. Mazama

    Looked at the books of a contractor who does “energy efficiency” upgrades for public utilities. That business is (for the contractors) a license to print money.

  3. Anonymous

    CL&P offer [or offered] energy audits and energy use reductions for a mere $75. for that, some guys who had been rejected at security guards came to the house to look for leaks and to fill some of them, just to give you a taste of what was needed. i participated ONLY because the audit resulted in a doubling of any CL&P rebate for a major energy-saving upgrade — A/C, heat, hot water, etc. so i was guaranteed a return of $500 for my $75 investment. the rest of what these guys did was horrible. they spattered some goo on the A/C ducts, sprayed some foam on some pipes under sinks [without removing the cleaning supplies first, so that pails and bottles were foam-frozen to the pipes, etc. etc. i am sure CL&P paid these guys $500 for their work and are required to do so by the state or fed gov’t. but the market value of their work is about $20 or less. so there’s a net loss to society of nearly the whole $500, paid for by either taxpayers or other customers of CL&P. who are the idiots in gov’t who think of these ways to waste resources?