Moving on

So what, exactly, am I supposed to sell here? Hartford seems determined to suck the life blood from Greenwich while I tell New Yorkers to come here to escape their own parasites? I’ve done my best to avoid intentional untruths and omissions my whole life and I don’t think I’m ready to start lying this late in my time on earth. So if I’m gearing up to leave this land of vampire looters, how do I make a living while preparing to leave? It’s a quandary.


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8 responses to “Moving on

  1. Island Surveyor

    Well, you could start with a comparison of similar houses, lots and views in Rye, especially with regard to taxes, state politics, forms of local government and schools.

  2. A.O.

    Write another book. It’s your calling. Honestly. BTW, where did you inherit your writing talent – either of your parents pen so fluidly as you?

  3. Tupac Amaru

    Learn Chinese to understand your customer base there. Sell out the creek before climate change floods you out.

    Then come catch anchovy in Peru.

    The Japanese factory ships will show you how.

    The Indians will be building the world’s great cars by then.

  4. xyzzy

    I wouldn’t get to worked up about the trial balloons you get from a bunch of politicians. If they all worked out, CT would have outlawed the catholic church, Obama would have given us a single payer Healthcare and Bush would have privatized social security.

    I don’t believe a politician can get anything done until I see them do it.

  5. not so anonymous

    Someone please reframe those 10 issues Of Ms. Wolf’s in the video to reflect Stalin, Mao, Clover Pliven, Ayers, and every other attempt to establish state control of everything cause it’s more ” fair” , how the citizen group of Tea Partiers are treated, how union thugs and Chicago thugs run their business, how gaining control of the ” language controls the narrative” and the MSM are in on it….etc etc….

  6. Walt

    A.O. –
    Are you reading the same blog as me? FWIW? Writing talents? WHERE?
    If Chris is depending on making money from his writing “talents”, he would look like one of those Bangladesh kids you saw in National Geographic, with the bloated bellys, and flies around their heads. The only difference between those kids and Weasel Boy is those kids probably had some talent. Life ain’t fair sometimes, A.O.
    And you, Weasel Boy. Take the pamper off and change it. You are obviously in your “Woe is me, life sucks, piss in my pampers” mode.
    BUCK UP, YOU WEASEL!! How do you make a living if you stop being a “Professional Real Estate Agent”? (typing that really does still crack me up!!)
    As I have told you before, do a skills assesment inventory. I understand why you don’t think you have any skills, being a lawyer and a dirt salesman, but you do have skills, Dude. You really do.
    You can drive, right? Of course. That is the core competencey required to be a “real estate professional”. So think of ways to leverage that.
    And you can cook, right? Leverage that!! The fact that folks may be scared you may use arsenic seasoning can be overcome.
    And you can shoot a gun, right? Cause you snuff Bambie. So you can be a very good….Ok , lets skip this one.
    Anyway, cheer up Dude. Worst comes to worst, I pop Cabana Boy, and you can have his job. You know how to mix a Bloody, right?
    Your Pal,

  7. Priapus

    Walt? is that YOU? You like me, you REALLY REALLY like me!