Byram restaurant closes – owner blames Susie

"At least I can slurp soup!"

“That bitch never reported that Regis or Cathy was here” wailed owner Sam Harris  to FWIW’s Scusie. “I don’t know how much she’s paid by Valbella’s  Mafia owners to report those god damned sightings, but you’d think she’d take pity on a small fry like me. At the least, I want back the fifteen bucks a week I paid her.”


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15 responses to “Byram restaurant closes – owner blames Susie

  1. AJ

    Speaking of Bryam restaurants we had dinner last night at Lolita’s. Noisy, but the food was excellent and the vibe was cool. This place is a winner.

  2. Virginia Beach

    I have to say as the parent of a child born with a cleft palate – and a regular reader and general fan of your blog – I find your continued and repeated jokes on this topic to be in bad form. I understand the basis of the humor and have kept my mouth shut for some time – but at this point I feel obligated to speak up. Cleft Lips and palates are one of the most common birth defects out there today. Thankfully for those of us in the developed world, they are fixable – although not without multiple operations over the course of several years. For children in the third world however this fixable problem is often a life sentence of both major communication challenges and very visable disfigurement.

    • christopherfountain

      Virginia – I’m not trying to make fun of birth defects but rather the use of mass advertising by newspaper on-line sites that result in pictures of the poor unfortunates showing up on every single page of every on-line newspaper. Two months ago, it was phony “Moms” – same lady but from the town you logged in on, promising cures for yellow teeth and belly fat. This month, it’s cleft palates, It’s all very annoying.

  3. Chimney

    Enough with the cleft palete bit- I agree, it’s really annoying and in bad taste, even for you.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Don’t worry, I have your back. Most folks don’t understand that bad taste takes talent. I do. And you, my friend have talented bad taste.
    Virginia – everyone feels sympathy for those born with birth defects, and would do anything to help. I think Weasel Boy’s point is, you don’t need to be assaulted with it every day. I don’t find the ad’s offensive (but I don’t find Chris offensive either, so take that into consideration) but he does. But it is all in jest, and meant without malice. So relax.
    Anyway, enough about all of you. You loads. I think nothing said here is intentionally mean spirited or meant to offend. If you do, don’t read it. That is, if you can read.
    Your Pal,

  5. Priapus

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

  6. OG Guy

    With regard to Lolita’s, food is good, but I won’t be returning. Unless you were born post-1980, the noise level is a deal-breaker.

  7. 2112

    Agree on Lolita’s — noise level is painful. Food is great but drinks are very expensive. Get the feeling that the mgt thinks they’re rock stars. Waiting for the velvet rope.

  8. FanO'Fountain

    Agree with OG Guy and 2112 on Lolita’s …. but as additional input, my post-1980 son was with me, and he found it noisy and the drinks very expensive as well. We had divided opinions on the food. I was waiting for some hapless diner to impale themselves on the pointy wrought iron fence installed as a railing – stay tuned on that one. I did partake in the free green apple cotton candy given to patrons at the end of dinner. Come to think of it, the whole place reminded me of a carnival/freak show. I also recommend bringing a flashlight. You can use it to read the menu, or if service is slow, you can use it to make scary faces in the dark!

  9. Greenwich Gal

    As someone very familiar with the cuisine of the Southwest – Lolita’s is all fake. There isn’t anything authentically Mexican about it. What there are selling is a “scene”, no more, no less.

  10. Mister Photo Hunt

    Let’s not forget the topic at hand here – that Sam’s will no longer exist! Its frustrating to see that readership is discussing Lolita’s when the issue is that we are facing the imminent disappearance of an iconic local establishment. If readership of this site (which I frequent) is representative of local culture, than we should just replace McKenzie’s with a Butterfield 8 now and get it over with.

    Greenwich lifers will certainly miss Sam’s as we wait 15 minutes for a cocktail at Gingerman…. behind a group of Manhattanite Cougars waiting for their Bellini’s.

  11. Food dude

    It might be worth noting to Greenwich Gal that Mexico is not designated as the Southwest.
    The “Tex Mex” cuisine from this region is an American hybrid that has much more to do with melting cheese than anything authentic.

    • christopherfountain

      i agree with your assessment of the quality of local “Tex-Mex” but as for Mexico not being part of the Southwest, I believe many Mexicans would argue that our Southwest is Mexico! Of course, that was settled, at least temporarily, in 1848 but ….