Greenwich Time : We’re against cellphone towers but don’t dare say why

The brave editorialists at Greenwich Time, speaking truth to power, come out strongly today against placing cellphone towers near schools. Fine,but wouldn’t you like to know why, or on what facts they base their opposition to such siting? Well they won’t tell you, because they have no facts to support their position. I’d prefer they admit that and go on with their argument anyway, rather than just ignore the issue entirely. An entirely worthless editorial that says nothing.


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4 responses to “Greenwich Time : We’re against cellphone towers but don’t dare say why

  1. Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the University of the Pacific topic, CF? It just suddenly disappeared. Poof!

    Did someone threaten a lawsuit?

    • christopherfountain

      No law suit – I try to be careful about reporting facts – but my daughter asked me to take it down. I have, temporarily, but I’m mighty pissed off at her situation. But I don’t have to live there among her peers.


    Typical GT reporting, sad isn’t it? And to think I used to deliver that paper about 60 years ago !

  3. Krazy Kat

    Are these the same luddites who yearn for the good ole days when many Greenwich Roads were unpaved and you could drive from PoCho to Stamford without seeing a red light?

    Seriously, has anyone considered the unintended consequences of putting more holes in cellular coverage in town? How about all those rug rats who have to call Mom and ask her why she is five minutes late for pickup? Or the 6th graders who won’t be able to text with their girlfriends during lunch?

    More seriously, what about 911 emergency dialing with less robust cell coverage?