Here’s a no-brainer budget saver

Greenwich Police Department adds four officers to anti-drug unit. If, as is obvious, they aren’t needed elsewhere, then why not fire them now and save $500,000 a year plus millions in future pension costs?

Last year, Ridberg focused many of the unit’s efforts on prescription drug offenses, which he said is less common and thus netted fewer arrests. But this year, with the focus on illegal drugs, Ridberg said he expects the numbers to continue on an uptick as the year progresses.

The more work police put in to drug enforcement, the more arrests that will result due to how pervasive narcotics are in society, Ridberg said.

“The drug problem in the community will never be solved without consumers deciding they don’t want to do drugs anymore,” Ridberg said.

Well, the drug-consuming public isn’t going to change its mind so let’s forget that. As for shifting our police department’s attention from prescribed to illegal drugs, can Chief Ridberg even begin to appreciate the humor in that? Oxycontin good, heroin, father of Oxycontin, bad? The sooner we give up our drug war, the better. Until then, let’s take advantage of our Chief’s inadvertant revelation and fire a bunch of them.

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    You are right on. One must wonder why you never see talk like this in the Greenwich time. Oh never mind I think I know!