Mossad, Dubai and the new world of surveillance

Interesting article in yesterday’s WSJ from  guy who would seem to know what he’s talking about. Until reading this, I had believed another commentator was right and that the assassination was too careless to have been Mossad’s work, but apparently, they were surprised by Dubai’s technological prowess.

But the real, and so far unappreciated, achievement in this affair belongs to the Dubai police, who were able to integrate all the evidence at their disposal into one clear picture and do so with remarkable speed.

Whoever sent the hit squad to Dubai was not aware that the police and security services had such advanced capabilities at the ready. The investigators managed to put together still and video shots taken in seven different locations and place them on a single timeline together with the cellphone records of the individuals in the footage. Doing this requires sharp analysis and advanced computer skills, and computerized intelligence systems able to cross check information from various sources.

How did the Dubai police manage all this? Did they have help? For now, it remains a mystery. But in any case, misjudging the ability of the Dubai authorities so spectacularly is evidence of a serious intelligence failure on the part of the organization that sent out the squad.

UPDATE: On the other hand, the arrest and extradition back to Dubai of two Fatah members does suggest the possibility that this was a Hamas-Fatah fight.


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6 responses to “Mossad, Dubai and the new world of surveillance

  1. Wally

    It clearly was Mossad and I wonder whether they really were “careless”. They accomplished their mission and got out of the country; from what my CIA friend tells me they typically don’t mind their enemies knowing they were there. The fact that videos would be left behind would have been elementary to them.

    • christopherfountain

      That makes sense, Wally. Regardless, I’m they’re out there in the world getting rid of some of the bad guys.

  2. mg

    in America we use the legal system.

  3. anon

    Bad guys? Why was he a bad guy, because Israel and the Mosssad claimed that he was?

    You always pride yourself on being a free thinking libertarian yet you are so clearly not that.

    Guess you need to sell houses and there are more Jews buying houses in Greenwich than there are Muslims?

    • christopherfountain

      Well gee, he captured and tortured two Israeli soldiers – young kids – and he was publicly committed to wiping out Israel, and met his death while trying to arrange an arms deal for weapons with which to attack Israelis. You say freedom fighter, I say bad guy. Either way, Israel was surely justified in taking him out – when you’re at war, you can do that to your enemies.
      UPDATE: I posted my reply before reading the last bit of your comment. You sir, are an idiot.

  4. Walt

    Wow Dude. Anon really tossed you under the bus. What is his problem?
    But when did we start letting the Jews and Muslims in? I knew we had a Hindu (Raj).
    Just wondering. Not that there is anything wrong with that!!!
    Your Pal,