The New York Times – 40 years behind

Travel article here on Vieques, Puerto Rico. It sounds okay, but not nearly the place it was in 1970 when, as young lads of 16, my best friend Teddy Sumner and I found our way there while exploring on our own. We were just looking for a place to camp and snorkel but when we asked directions the locals, seeing we were gringos, directed us to the beach that served as the demarcation line between the U.S. Navy’s bombardment range and a semi-permanent protesters’ camp.

So, while we really were just there to check out the diving, we ended up with a bunch of Quakers and other types, being filmed by U.S. Marshalls in helicopters. Somewhere in Washington, I presume, Teddy and I are still preserved on film as dangerous radicals instead of two kids misdirected to a protest site. The island was quite nice, by the way and, despite the bombing range, quiet and rural. I may go back, if I’m not barred by some terrorist screen.


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4 responses to “The New York Times – 40 years behind

  1. shifty

    The beaches are beautiful there but who knows what the navy tested or exploded on the island, I find it a bit of a coincidense that there is a bioluminescent bay there

    • christopherfountain

      There’s also a bioluminescent bay on Puerto Rico’s south west corner (name escapes me, after 40 years). Just step carefully on those beaches and you’ll be fine.
      UPDATE: La Parguera. great spot

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    If they don’t let you back, it’s not because they think you are a terrorist. It’s because you pissed them off. So I am pretty sure they are not letting you back.
    Your Pal,

  3. Greenwich Gal

    The bioluminescent bay is magical. I kayaked and swam in it on a moonlit evening. You can stay at the El Conquistador and they will take you there.