LA Times on predator drones

Interesting, “day in the life” article on drone pilots who are based in Nevada yet waging war in Afghanistan. Some years ago the WSJ reported on these pilots when drones were pretty much just starting. Not surprisingly, fighter pilots absolutely hated being taken from their cockpits and forced into unglamorous duty in a dark room away from combat. But drones seem so effective, I wonder whether the fighter jocks have much of a future?


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4 responses to “LA Times on predator drones

  1. L Fountan

    Do you remember when ex-fighter, test pilot Bill Bridgeman was replaced by those boys learning to sit in their big, fat space ships, the action being transferred from the pilots to the control center on the ground? He was not happy.

  2. Anonymous

    Creative destruction and automation
    Any pilots who are truly skilled will do fine as G550 pilots for NetJets or corporate fleets or wealthy individuals
    Like the 45-50yo $350K+/yr (incl $150K/yr pension/disability; and IIRC disability income is tax-free) ex-NYPD cops working as drivers/bodyguards for NYC financiers

  3. Mazama

    If Anonymous thinks a truly skilled military jet pilot wants to fly some a private jet for some IB/Hedgie/CEO a-shat then I’d say he’s never met a fighter pilot.

  4. Contrarian

    I don’t think it is likely that fighter pilots are going to be replaced by video game jockeys. The predator drones are basically used once air superiority has been achieved (meaning all the enemies are gone and we completely control the airspace).

    On the other hand, what about unmanned realtor drones as showing assistants? That would be a big improvement.