Just a flesh wound

44 Park Avenue

The local builder who paid $1.460 million for this Old Greenwich land in August 2008 picked a poor time to do so (and, had you asked me, old pal, I would have told you that). After a year trying to sell a to-be-built house for $3.750 he gave up and put the land and the 1948 cape occupying it back up for sale. It sold Friday for $1.3 million, so he got off pretty lucky. Assessment is $1.227, by the way.


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3 responses to “Just a flesh wound

  1. WaitingToBuy

    Chris – Do you know how big the lot was? I recall 35 Park sold for $2.2mm in 2006 at it is essentially the same house but with a bit less than 0.5 acres. Thanks.

  2. Renting in OG

    They just knocked this house down today (I am renting a few houses down and my 20 month old was very excited to see the big yellow digger sitting in the middle of where the house used to be… “woah… woah… wow…. woah….”).

    So looks like a new house is in the works here… nice location although is on the “wet” side of the street….

    • christopherfountain

      I take the same pleasure in watching house demolitions as your boy but, as Pal Nancy would happily attest, I never got much beyond 24 months in emotional maturity.