“Make me move!” pricing

549 North Street

The owner of this 2003 renovation at 549 North Street has had it “for sale” since 2005. He started at $12.5 million, had dropped it to $10.950 by 2008 and today has reduced it to $10.450. Assessment is $6 million but clearly, he’s in no rush to vacate.


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16 responses to ““Make me move!” pricing

  1. cos cobber

    you finally found me CF.

  2. A.O.

    Gee, he went all the way down to $10.4 from $10.9? Such a deal.

  3. cos cobber

    ps – did you notice from the picture that my pool and patio furniture was repossessed? they tried to take the pool water too.

  4. Stanwich

    Cobber, I wouldn’t want to leave this place either. Did you think you were creating Cos Cob North when you did the renovations with all that stonework?

  5. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Why do these folks even bother? More to the point, why do their agents?

  6. cos cobber

    stanwich, you’ll love this. that lawn isnt real grass, its astroturf. yeah, i brought cob style to north street.

    btw – stonework is in a cobber’s blood as you know. together my dog and my 3 year old did most of what you see. it was funded from snow plow money they had earned.

  7. A.O.

    This thread is way over my head. I’m missing all the good inside jokes. Fortunately it’s after 5pm and time for my bourbon so I’ll let you boys play while I stir.

  8. cos cobber

    A.O. You mean to tell me you don’t
    Know cos cob jokes when you hear them?
    R u from greenwich or on the outside
    Looking in?… I kid.

    About the astro turf, its a reference
    To an old column cf had when he was in
    Newsprint. He noted one time that there
    Is a house in cos cob that replaced its
    Lawn with astroturf. I’m serious.

    I know which house it is, but in the
    Interest of protecting innocent neighbors I
    Won’t share where it is.

  9. Gideon Fountain

    Um, not that it matters (it clearly doesn’t), but the owner of 549 North Street moved out 5 years ago.

  10. GreenwichCitizen

    I’m sorry, but you can’t keep such a wonderful landscaping design a secret. It’s just too precious not to be shared with the entire world. Head down Orchard towards the post road and you can’t miss it!

    Imagine, a perfect green lawn all year around that never needs to be mowed!

    There are no innocents when it comes to astroturf lawns. Rip it out and plant some real grass.

  11. Anon E. Moose

    Why do these folks even bother? More to the point, why do their agents?

    Spot-on, Ex-Pat. The used house sales guild’s exhibit of ‘discipline’ is directed at CF, while such malpractice continues unabated. ‘Nuf said.

  12. Old School Grump

    “Um, not that it matters (it clearly doesn’t), but the owner of 549 North Street moved out 5 years ago.”

    Do you know … is it rented out, sitting empty, or intermittently the one then the other? Five years is a long time for such a massive heap to be left without a lot of continuous expensive TLC. I imagine the extensive (!) stone work is aging gracefully, but the rest of the joint must be looking pretty sorrowful by now.

    No, I’m not a potential tenant or buyer. I am hoping that someone will do an unauthorized, unedited, unexpurgated photo essay of the beached whales of Greenwich real estate (no disrespect intended to actual beached whales). I don’t mean something like the tricked-up faux photo essay in the NY Times Sunday magazine last year. I mean non-Photoshopped, natural light, quick-and-simple pix of delusions of grandeur gone sour. Needless to say, the photographer would need a guide with access to the properties (gee, I wonder who) who could maybe write the accompanying commentary as well. If there’s no immediate publisher, sit on the photos for a decade, then sell them for a ten-years-later retrospective. Just acknowledge me in the preface!

    • christopherfountain

      In fact, I accompanied the NY Magazine reporter, Jason Nameescapesme) around town, showing him examples of the beached whales. He came back with the photographer and it was the photographer (hired by the Times, not Jason) who screwed his employer. Too bad, because the houses looked bleak and forlorn as they were – no need for the idiot to go creative.

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  14. Old School Grump

    To CF at 6:15: Right, I had forgotten about that. Still think you should do it again, but this time YOU own the photos. Then sit on the photos for a few years, as the housing “recovery” unfolds (or not), and a suitable story line will emerge. Real estate markets rise and fall, but the public’s interest in looking at rich folks’ houses never wavers.