More Road Kill

33 Pleasant Street

Pleasant Street (no kidding – developer should be sued for fraud)  in Riverside is another road that abuts the highway, only it’s the much noisier I-95. This house is at the better end of the street but the noise is still er, noticable. It started off for sale in 2008 at an improbable $3 million and today, 18 months later, has dropped to $2.750. Its listing now notes that “owner will consider any and all offers” – I think that’s wise.


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4 responses to “More Road Kill

  1. I hate that phrase

    I wish people would just put a fair price if they want to sell. “Any and all offers” sounds so desperate and makes you feel like you are getting a trash can house. Clean up the place, list it right, and sell the damm house already.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    “owner will consider any and all offers”

    Here’s an offer: what’ll ya pay me to take it off your hands.

    I hate that phrase, too. It’s phony.

  3. Maybe they were hoping that a hearing impaired buyer would come along and not notice the highway noise.

    It could happen.

  4. out looking in

    Another example of the “fringe property” discount..lets see where this puppy sells…