Speaking of lawyers, Overlawyered.com offers this:

Swiss to vote on lawyers for animals.


“Fish don’t get much sympathy,” laments attorney Antoine F. Goetschel about one of his recent clients. Zurich prosecutors went after an angler whose ten-minute battle with a pike, they said, was unfair to the pike. [AP]


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3 responses to “Speaking of lawyers, Overlawyered.com offers this:

  1. Grumpy

    Sounds like a Swiss Monty Python skit

  2. Peg

    Christopher, I hate to tell you this. But, this story makes the “lawyers for animals” idea sound like common sense!


    For years, Swiss scientists have blithely created genetically modified rice, corn and apples. But did they ever stop to consider just how humiliating such experiments may be to plants?

    That’s a question they must now ask. Last spring, this small Alpine nation began mandating that geneticists conduct their research without trampling on a plant’s dignity.

    Dr. Keller recently sought government permission to do a field trial of genetically modified wheat that has been bred to resist a fungus. He first had to debate the finer points of plant dignity with university ethicists.

  3. KC

    Fish make nice clients, I guess. They rarely notice missed court dates or other goofs thereby making liability insurance less important. You’re finding great stuff today, CF.