This is why I stopped practicing law – but you may just want to hire this man


J. David Lynch, Esq.


Compare and contrast: There’s this from the law firm’s web page.

Welcome to David Justin Lynch and Associates

The attorneys who kick butt!

Do you have a possible court case where you really want to “get” someone? Then hire David Justin Lynch  & Associates as your warriors for your Civil, Real Estate, Business, Workers Compensation or Probate Case in the Inland Empire—Palm Springs, Indio, Riverside, Blythe, San Bernardino, and Joshua Tree, California. Unlike other attorneys who groove on friendship and politics when dealing with the other side, we’re for you, all the way. For us, the other side is not merely an opponent—they’re the enemy!

For us, litigation is war. We’ve given the term “scorched earth litigation” new meaning with unusual, but effective, actions and tactics—sometimes unpleasant, but all within the law. Our letters feature down-to-earth street language to get our point across. We carpet bomb the other side with discovery, and our deposition questions are like hellfire missiles. Opposing lawyers hate us—but our clients love us, and that’s what counts. Why? We get results! When you want to win, it’s David Justin Lynch & Associates.


And then there’s this, from the gentleman’s FaceBook page

Lent is about self-examination, repentance and forgiveness of our sins. Each of us deals with sin in our own way. Yes, I am a sinner, too, as we all are. I typically go to confession once a year, on Good Friday. For some, sin is a personal matter with God alone. For others, sin is a community matter. Many Christians, however, find private confession to a priest helpful in unburdening one’s conscience and renewing relationships between God and our fellow persons. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not reserved only for those who commit serious sins, but for the remission of all sins. The grace that flows from confession possesses special powers of purification and support as we resolve to amend our lives to improve ourselves to better realize the potential with which God endowed us.


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10 responses to “This is why I stopped practicing law – but you may just want to hire this man

  1. Anonymous

    Doubt many competent lawyers or doctors or small business owners choose to live/work in IE (or anywhere else in Podunk) by choice…

  2. A.O.

    I nearly spewed Maker’s Mark across the den laughing at (with) Mr. Lynch. Good thing here we all Groove on Friendship.

  3. KC

    I’ve often wondered if the modern legal practice was not the well to do person’s version of professional wrestling. And I must admit this ad takes it to the next level. There’s a guy in my area who calls himself the strong arm. I always thought that ad had a certain style but not like this one.

  4. g w chase

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  5. Canadian Lawyer needed

    We don’t need a lawyer who thinks that being fair is the best outcome. When I am seeking to enter into litigation, I want a lawyer who will fight for my cause, not consider what should be the best outcome from his unbiased opinion.
    Anyone know a Canadian litigator who wants to tear the guts out of my opponent in a real estate matter? Christians remain welcome!

    • christopherfountain

      No question, that’s what clients want – also no question, the erosion of collegiality in the profession made it a very unpleasant field in which to work.

  6. Anonymous

    I had a lawyer who spent many thousands of my dollars in a lawsuit over several years for endless depositions, discovery and other motions, an appeal to a higher court of a statute of limitations ruling (which he won), but after all of that he proved to be a lightweight who didn’t have the guts to go to trial.

    I ended up settling for an amount that I probably could have settled for at the beginning before all those years of fees.

    After living through that nightmare, I can see why someone like J. David Lynch might have some appeal.

  7. J

    Can’t say I ever heard of Western State University College Law School. Is that one of those internet based law schools that only California allows?

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  9. John David Galt

    @Canadian: I would want both. A lawyer’s job is to fight for his client’s point of view, but every human being’s first job is to do no wrong. Thus anyone who isn’t willing to make moral judgments is not to be trusted with power in ANY form.

    The way to reconcile these duties is simple: A lawyer needs to apply his moral judgment as part of deciding whether to take a case. (But once he’s taken it, no second-guessing unless the client lied, in which case you hand in your resignation to the client.)

    Bear in mind that moral judgment goes the other way, too. Some opponents DO need to be ‘got’; that’s what the law is for.