When is a renovation a renovation?

When you see it with your own eyes. A new listing for 17 Arnold Street in Havemeyer came on today priced at $819,000 and noting that it was “renovated” in 2002, the year it was bought (for $605,000). In checking its history, however, I see that the 2002 listing listed a 1994 renovation and, when the property was rented back in 2004 the rental listing also gave 1994 as the year of renovation.

It’s possible that the rental listing agent didn’t bother to update her information but that’s an odd thing to do, especially when the owner/landlord is a family member. It’s also possible that she is now taking a more generous view of what comprises a renovation.

The only way to find out is to see for yourself.


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4 responses to “When is a renovation a renovation?

  1. Stanwich

    When in doubt, you can always look at the back of appliances or even duct work/furnaces to see the manufacture date or services dates.

  2. InfoDiva

    I always like to check the dates embossed inside toilet tanks. And the better window manufacturers often etch a date in the corner of the glass.

  3. A.O.

    I’m not inviting InfoDiva to MY next party, but clever idea to check the date on the toilet tank. That’s a new one.

  4. Any meaningful renovation requires a town permit. If it was not permitted, then no value added.