Bidding war “winner” has second thoughts?

1 Grove Lane

This beautiful house was listed for $3.350 back in 2006 and sold via bidding war for $3.550. Now it’s back for sale at $3.495. It’s listed by brother Gideon and owned by a friend of mine, so no harsh comments allowed! And it is a nice house.

UPDATE: Okay, went to its open house. It is still nice. The owners spent $800,000 adding a three-car garage, redoing all the wiring, carving a beautiful master bedroom suite from three or four rooms, replacing the bathrooms, etc. Will that be enough to move it in this market? The only way to tell is to put it up for sale and see, which is what’s been done.

The front yard is noisier than I remember, probably because Deerfield was wet today, and this lot does indeed about the former office of Gary Gallo. The latter is a plus: think of the fun your children will have conducting treasure hunts with their friends and searching for Dr. Gallo’s stash!


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19 responses to “Bidding war “winner” has second thoughts?

  1. Umm…don’t you usually share the assessment with us?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s $1.8 but apparently that doesn’t reflect the new bathrooms, master suite, etc. I’m seeing it today and will report back.

  2. Stanwich

    From the bird’s eye view it looks like it has lots of parking, isn’t this a medical/dental office? Or is that a house or two over? There are a couple of medical offices in old houses on Deerfield which this is effectively on.

    It’s a grand old house but the road is busy. Good thing is that it is set way up and back so road noise should be minimized.

    The only thing I would say is Mr. Fountain, tear down that pine tree. It is too close to the house and closes it in.

    • christopherfountain

      The now- vacant medical offices of Dr. Gary Gallo, who lost his license for a number of bad reasons (drugs, fraud and malpractice, if I recall) , is further down the road, next to the Lake Avenue rotary.

  3. foobar

    4800 sq feet. zillow has it just under 3MM fwiw. Always a nice looking house to drive by, though a very busy street. interested in your thoughts.

  4. A.O.

    Previous threads about this house had readers lament the location – less on Grove and more on Dearfield. Do tell when you see it today if the house has ambient noise from the busy road.

  5. Grumpy

    I hate to think what you would say about this house if not for your brother and friend involved. Objectivity is “relative”.

    • christopherfountain

      Two points, Grumpy – (1) I did disclose the relationship, so readers can take that into account and (2) when I was in print, I praised this house in a coulmn back in 2006 when it was for sale by the previous owner.

  6. Gallo

    I had to complain about this doctor gallo for insisting I meet him in the ER for a f/u x-ray costing me hundreds more. that was in 1988. fortunately he finally gave me a reasonable price after i complained. what a jack ass that doctor was. now the bldg is owned by dustin dental, they (dustins) wanted some crazy crazy prices like 4 million for it, he bought it from the quack doc for 650K long ago. dustin is not bracing too many kids anymore so he is trying to lease it. no takers.

  7. Naples FLORIDA Gallo's crib

    gary gallo had an above avg malpractice claim in 2/2002. that is enough to drop you from greenwich hospital. now in floridatreating wounds (probably of his own making). buyer beware

  8. Red

    Dearfield is busy but this house is set back a bit from the road, behind a fence. The most recent owner also added a large separate garage. I think the house is prettier “in person” than in your photo, and very well-maintained from the looks of it.

    • christopherfountain

      It is indeed set back from the road and, when I saw it in 2003, didn’t find the traffic a burden. I’ll know more when I see in this morning but yes, there’s a ton of owners money spent on renovations that is included in the price, so it is, apples to apples, priced significantly below what he paid for it.

  9. A.O.

    All the Gallo references make me think of the funny movie My Cousin Vinny … he was Jerry Gallo, then Jerry Callo. Just not Gary Gallo.

  10. Anonymous

    My son’s knee became dislocated during a soccer game at school (GCD). The then headmaster was attending and popped it back in. He recommended we take him to Dr. Gallo who prescribed arthroscopic surgery. He proudly told us that he had instituted this procedure at Greenwich Hospital. We got another opinion and never saw Dr. Gallo again, thank God. Now after all these years I know what happened to him.

    • christopherfountain

      Gallo got a call one Friday morning from the state health board telling him he had until 4:00PM to close his practice or they would shut it down for him. A friend of mine once had the misfortune to work with him and told me several times he had to intervene during surgeries to prevent Gallo from comitting grievous malpractice. Not a good guy.

  11. A.O.

    $800,000 in renovations/additions? This owner must have used the same contractor as 26 Stag!! In 2006-2007, we built a new heated three car garage with attic space above for $60,000; and for another $325,000, we redid three big bathrooms, redid most of the house wiring, did a gut redo of the kitchen (but no feathered peacock), added a solarium, upgraded some windows, added tons more landscaping, added a whole house generator, fixed all the chimneys, painted the exterior, re-roofed half the house with cedar, fixed some of the stone walls, added some privacy fencing, and even put up a new mailbox. Now, let me add we acted as our own GC, having had enough life/reno experience but still, I jsut don’t get how someone could spend $800,00. Duff, enlighten us. Aren’t you a builder?

  12. pulled up in OG

    2005 assessment – $1.8M = ~$2.57M
    2006 sale – $3.35 – $3.55M

    A little more grievous malpractice?
    Yup, given Pruner’s 2005 vs 2006 comparison – no price appreciation in the $1 – $5M range.

    Click to access gsfm0506.pdf

  13. pulled up in OG

    Tax appeal season, more follies:

    Diana Ross, listed for $39.5M 3 years ago, appealing $10.1 assessment.

    Hedgie on Byram Shore lookin’ for 25K off because the gate house isn’t air conditioned.