Die Hard 8

57 Byram Shore Road is a lovely old house with waterviews but not much land anymore. It has been for sale since January 1, 2005 when it debuted at $5.775 million and in the ensuing years has seen eight price adjustments, including two ill-fated price increases. Today it dropped from $3.950 to $3.750 million. Assessment is $1.2 million.


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3 responses to “Die Hard 8

  1. captmidnight

    i95 noise, train noise, no yard, water views but not great water views and all the inherent issues with Byram Shore in terms of the surrounding areas.
    Kind of like Shippan Point in Stamford, beautiful once you’re home, but you have to drive through a demilitarized zone to get there.
    6 price reductions? Keep going. Why spend $3.75 there when I can have a beautiful house in mid-country with a yard and I can go out without worrying about locking my doors and leave my car in the driveway at night.

  2. A.O.

    The larger issue for me with this home is that the driveway is a four-share. Trulia says sale in 2002 was @$1.45. One can only imagine how gorgeous this home/land was in 1920. Oh to turn back time.

  3. VV

    dmz, locking doors ?

    jeez, we are talking about byram … not east new york.