Second cut

613 Steamboat Rd

This new construction opened at $8.75 million in September and is down today to $7.450. I guess its value depends on how much someone appreciates being close to I-95 and the train. To me, 6,000 sq. ft (with I’d guess 2,000 of that underground) on 0.21 of an acre just doesn’t do it, no matter how beautiful the finish work.

But it does offer convenience, and the owner can always stroll down a few yards to the public dock to fish and brush up on his spanish with the limo drivers who hang out there. I mean, have you checked the cost of Berlitz these days?


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6 responses to “Second cut

  1. xyzzy

    5 Tomac Lane cut its price today. Didn’t the original broker put a nice post on your blog when it first listed saying if people could find a better piece of property at they should buy it?

    • christopherfountain

      Well yes he did, but I’m too nice to mention it. As to finding something better to buy, I guess they did!

  2. The Word

    CF, was Herb Johnson / Nutmeg involved in this development? Curious . . .

  3. AJ

    …and a prospective buyer doesn’t even have the wonderful food of Manero’s anymore.

  4. christopherfountain

    Word, I don’t know. The owner is listed as 613 Steamboat Road LLC but the Secretary of State shows no such entity and thus, can’t tell who the principals are.

  5. yup

    The Word:

    Yes re: Herb Johnson.

    BTW, while the finishes are nice, to me the house doesn’t really flow all that well. I think Steamboat is better as a collection of lower price point in-town waterfront charmers, but then every developer and their brother from The Oneida on down the street would seem to disagree.